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I agree. Animals do know what’s going on around them. Several years ago I fell and couldn’t get up. I was home alone with just my cats. I didn't call for them or anything, but they saw me and came and laid down beside me until I could get up. one took her tail and was swishing it up and down my arm. like she was comforting me. 
Linda A.
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I have a different thought after reading your posts. I think that when we share such a strong bond we are in tune on some level to our pet’s health. I don’t think you knew on a conscious level that Diego was so ill but I believe that your subconscious had twigged that something was very wrong. Maybe it was something in the way he moved, or meowed or slept, so many nuances that we aren’t consciously aware of. You in no way caused this to happen but I think you did have that sense that he wouldn’t be here much longer although it was something you could consciously allow yourself to believe. Diego definitely knew though. Animals are so intuitive and they have senses that go so far above our understanding! My point in all this is that yes, you were meant to find Ramses. Diego is at peace knowing Ramses will be a wonderful new companion for his mum until the time comes for you to all meet again! Hugs to you!
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You are  right. In my heart I knew. I realize that now. I looked at photos and videos of Diego taken over the last 2 years and compare them to the ones taken weeks before he passed away and it stuns me how fast things happened. For that I am grateful. I know he was suffering that last day and I knew I loved him way too much to let the suffering continue. I know that he trusted me to make that decision when the time came. I would rather suffer with my pain than to have seen him suffer with his.


I had something similar happen with Diego (I'm saving the details for the memoir I plan to write about him). That kind of connection is something that only seems to occur with our pets. Thank you for sharing your memory.
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I want so much for you to find peace....

I know that you and I have shared similar experiences.  Not to mention that Diego and Gracie look like brother and sister...

I believe the comments that have been posted.  Diego is at peace.  He is at peace knowing that you did all you could - and made the ultimate loving, albeit difficult, decision for him not to suffer. 

Yes - grieve your loss - as we all have/are.  Do not question, however, the events.  Looks to me like you did everything you could for your companion.

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