My two dogs died one day apart. In Hungary, where I live, doctors said that they had cancer, but this is a little strange for me.
The two dogs lived different part of the court, so they were separated by a fence. They had different diet. There were two connection points: They got Drontal Plus one week before the illness started, and we let one dog to walk a little on the other dog's place, which lasted about 20-30 minutes. One day after that she became ill as well.

What I am interested in that: Why did the cancer start with three days apart between the two dogs (it is weird)? Whether can there be any infection beside the cancers? Can Drontal Plus enlarge cancers? Could have been one of my dog (who had liver cancer) be operated, or have there been any treatment which could help her?
In Hungary, vets could not help us.

I have ultrasound, CT, x-ray, artifacts, and the whole story. I can attach them in a next post, if anyone has opinion, advice about this case.

Thank you very much.

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