My husband and I adopted our twin kitty boys back in December of 2018. They were inseparable. They were inside/outside cats, and it was their choice 100 percent. Their names were Bubba and Sissy (we thought Sissy was a girl until we got him fixed, but the name stuck). Bubba went on a not unusual hunt for a couple days. We were worried at the back of our minds, but nothing too bad. We have a little habitat on our porch we made for them to stay warm and out of the elements. Last night at about 11:30pm, I go out to check to see if he came back (how he got there, I have NO clue). Bubba was there, but when I called, he didn't react as usual. I touch his head and.... needless to say, we did everything we could to save him within those last couple hours. We were loading up to drive him an hour and a half to the nearest 24 hr vet. As we were getting ready to go, our precious angel baby went to meet Jesus... My heart is shattered. He was my BEST friend. His brother is so lost without him. His momma and daddy are lost without him. I just wish knew what happened. My baby is gone and I just can't 🙁
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Dear tingleyspice, what a heart breaking period for you. I feel your pain for loosing Bubba this soon. All of us here cry for our babies and hope they are now somewhere nice, a better world as they deserve the best. Please stay strong for his brother who will feel your heavy heart and this is going to affect him even more. Also, please be strong for you and your family.  

I lost my boy like a week ago, but it hurts just like it was yesterday. He was a beautiful Birman/Baliness soul and, obviously, so special to me. Nothing can replace the loss now or anytime in the future.

A few years ago, we also had two guinea piggies that left us one in 2012 and the other one in 2014. Our boy was pretty attached to them and after loosing the second pig, I saw him starring at the empty corner, where the cage used to stay. I took a fast decision to re-arrange some furniture and it helped. Moving an armchair and placing a small coffee table next to it helped my boy "forget" there were two little friends there. He seemed depressed because he couldn't see them anymore. Maybe, if you try to spend as much time as you can with Sissy, maybe hide Bubba's favorite toy for a while, or change the bedding area they used to share. I don't have an exact advice, but I hope you got the main idea. It helps if you won't let the other boy think about it too much now. This is just a short term plan to help your furry kid get over the loss a little easier. A long term plan could include a new furry member of the family, but that's way to soon to consider at this point. 

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@tingleyspicetingleyspice - I am so sorry for your loss!

I am in a similar position. I lost my beloved Fluffy unexpectedly yesterday at around 3:00 pm. We found her very ill and in an comprehensible amount of pain and rushed her to the vet who through testing and x rays found she had liver cancer *completely unknown to us until then* (she was having a hard time breathing at the time too). They decided to put her on some oxygen but it did not work.

Within 30 minutes we made the heart wrenching decision to put her to 'sleep'. From the time we found her ill until the time we put her to sleep was a time span of about 3 hours.

We are in absolute disbelief and heartache. She was our family member for 13 years and my goodness she was one of the most compassionate, loving and affectionate souls I have ever met. I have prayed over her that she finds companionship, is shrouded in love, is kept safe in warm healing light and that we will meet someday. I miss her so much that it hurts my heart!

I have never felt a loss this great in my life before and I have lost dear family members but this is grief and loss on a completely new level. She was my dearest friends and companions, she was my family and she grew up with me. She was there when no one else was there, she comforted me, loved me and kept me company through the most horrible times in my life and was there throught the absolute best parts. I will miss her forever more!

My heart goes out to You,Bubba and your family and I am praying for you all! For healed hearts and comforted souls.

Lots and lots of love!

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