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Honey I think you should call another Vet you know and talk to them... Who knows , it might help your aching heart and it sure can't hurt.  If you can get answers perhaps you can start to heal.  Don't worry about what you say here on the forum, just that you care is enough for  most of us who are also hurting and many of us are so alone.  I helps to know that someone else knows about our babies and they just didn't go into oblivion but that they MATTERED.
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I`m so glad you had a dream about Taffe, even though the second one wasn`t as clear, in the first he looked and moved around as if he was a lot younger.  I think he`s trying to let you know that he`s doing okay, and maybe he knows that you feel guilty ( even though there`s absolutely no need ), and this is his way of trying to reassure you. 
 The love you felt for Taffe shows through in all of your posts, and I think it would help you so much to start writing a journal - I started writing one when we lost Jim, and I still write in it  each day, little memories I thought I`d forgotten, and I even tell Jim how I feel and how much we loved and miss him. 
I know you miss Taffe terribly, but you will slowly feel a bit better day by day. 13 weeks after losing Jim, I still cry most days and I think about him all the time, but I can look back and remember the good times we had with him. 

                     Sending you a big hug, Jackie.
J Taylor
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I'm worried that the Vet I want to talk to will just say I did all I could or maybe I won't be able to talk to them since my dog is gone.   Or some other response or outcome I haven't even anticipated yet.   Or that it won't help my aching heart and I was just hoping for something (I don't even know what) and I'll just be empty afterwards.

I just want to say to others who still have pets that I strongly suggest holistic and natural ways of treatment.   Try to minimize future pain as much as possible.   I can't fathom going through this again and feeling like you failed your pet.    I also will miss Taffe forever now and I can't go back and change anything so my suggestions are for future animals but I guess that is something.   I watched some videos I have on my phone and wish I made more and had more pictures/videos of him.   I try to see the positive that I have some at least but it doesn't help my guilt much.   Thanks for the kind words, again.    Yes, it helps that we are all in the same boat and we all care about our pets so we emphasize with what happened.  
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