My daughter died 1-16-03. On 5-31-03 my friend gave me a little dog to help with my grief. He saved my life. He went to work with me for several years. I named him Tuffy. He was his own guy. Loved chasing rabbits..most of all, he loved FOOD! He was precocious and right away, I noticed quirky little things he did that reminded me of my daughter...I am convinced she sent him to me. A few months ago his eyesight started fading, he was getting senile. He still had his happy moments. Still liked to walk. The last couple of months, he would wander and have trouble sitting down. Certain foods he had enjoyed, he did not like any more. Last week he forgot when to go to his doggy door to do his business. He did not even seem to realize when he was going in the house. We took him to our vet Monday, and she said we were right to end his life. I felt like I lost my daughter all over again, and my little Tuffy. I said she sent him to me and now I have sent him back to tell her all of the fun things we did. Tuffy had a following and was well known on FB. I miss him so much..no one to feed, take out, give treats to...I have been caring for dogs for 38years. We have agreed to not get another dog right away as we are both retired and would like to take some trips..not have to be home at a certain time to feed, but it will be hard. Thanks for listening..my heart hurts so much🐾💔😪
cheryl marshall
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Oh Cheryl I’m so sorry! I honestly don’t know what to say, it’s such a personal loss, twice. It sounds like he knew how to come into your home and heart right from the start! To bring the light back in and return a much needed *purpose* in your life. I’m sure an angel guided him every step of the way.
Take your time and enjoy your adventures while Tuffy tells your beloved daughter all about his🐾 wonderful life
I have a feeling 38 yrs of puppy love will find a way back to you before u know it. Many hugs,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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Dear Cheryl,
My heart goes out to you. It had to be so painful feeling like you lost your daughter all over again. There were so many things connecting Tuffy to your daughter. This of course make it a bigger loss and much more painful. It's nice to think that your daughter and Tuffy are together now. 💗💙
All the best to you and your husband.
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