Today I go to get my sweet Rudy remains at vet clinic. I knew the day would come however when I just got the call I basically collapsed. I think the finality hit me and cannot physically drive. A good friend is driving me there. Waiting on her now but so devasted and crying for my guy. Don't know how to go day to day in this emptiness in my soul. Don't know how all of you have such amazing strength. I wish I did. My life is empty without him.
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You have more strength than you know. You will make it through. I'm at four months without my Sophie. Take each day at a time. I am so very sorry about your Rudy. The pain is indescribable, I know. But you will make it. I have good days and bad days. On the bad days, it's just one hour at a time.
That's all you can do. And remember that you are not alone. It feels like it at times, but so many of us share your heart ache.

I wish you much peace. Sending many hugs.

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How are you doing? I picked up my baby's ashes today as well. I was upset the entire day thinking about it. But you know what? It feels different here at home. It almost as if I can feel her presence. I think this has brought some closure for me.

I hope you're doing ok. Let us know.

Much love,
~ Becky
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sorry about Rudy
i couldnt pick up my babies ashes, i asked my dad to pick them up and he has left them at my house while i been staying with them since my baby passed. i kinda feel sad about leaving him/his remain at home alone but i cannot physically go back to that house and live there by myself after 10 years with my best friend
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