My best friend...daughter....shadow...basset hound Polly passed away 2 days ago. She was almost 14 and I gave her the best possible life I could. I feel extremely guilty for some reason. It all happened so fast. Over the past several months she was barely moving...took her in...they said she had arthritis...gave her medicine and it helped for a few days then she couldn't walk...took her back in only to find out she had cancer. The night before I just knew it was our last night together. I laid down with her and told her how much I loved her and thanked her for everything she did for me over the years....etc. then she was gone the next day. Will she ever know that was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life? What if she thought I just gave up on her? Omg...I hope she knew I had to do it because she was in so much pain and there was no hope of fixing it due to her age and other issues. My heart is so broken. I'm not sure how to keep going without her.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of your sweet, special, basset hound Polly. I too had to make that same, difficult and horrible decision for my best friend, Jagger a few weeks ago. We have to try and remember we made the decision out of love, to end their suffering when there was no hope for recovery. Like your Polly, my Jagger had cancer and arthritis.

There are many wonderful, compassionate and understanding people here. I hope we can help you during this very difficult time.
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Thank you so much for responding. It helps more than you know.
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Hi Clarissa,

I’m so sorry for your loss of your sweet Polly. You did everything you could. Unfortunately cancer is nasty and has a mind of its own. You gave Polly the most loving and selfless last gift here on earth you could have. End her pain and suffering and put that upon yourself. That is true love.

It was 3 weeks yesterday my husband and I had to make the same awful, painful, heartbreaking decision to end our almost 10 year old ginger kitty, Bubby, suffering from chronic kidney disease and finally renal failure. I still have guilt today that you speak of. Did he think I just gave up on him? Then I realize even if we could have pulled him through this 3rd time at the hospital in the last 4 years, his quality of life would have been horrible. But nonetheless the guilt is still there. I just hope he knows we didn’t want him to hurt anymore and we knew how much he loved us and how much we loved him. His flame was immense which our house is pretty dim now. He was a vet social dude and we miss him dearly.

Please know you’re not alone. So many of us understand how you’re feeling. The pain, the guilt, the lump in your throat, the loss of appetite, the endless tears, not sleeping. I can tell you time helps. I’m not crying like I was. I have good days and bad. I can eat again. But I don’t think the aching from missing him will ever go away. He was so much to me. I just hope he knows that.

I have found so much comfort here. I hope you do too. We’re here for you.


Bubby's (Milo) Mommy - Always & Forever My Little Man 💜

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Dear Clarissa,

I too am very, very sorry and saddened for your loss of your beloved Polly. You can easily read in your words how much you genuinely loved, adored and cherished her.

I also felt I had to make that final, fatal decision to end the life of my beloved. He was a cat named "Marmalade" whom I had put to sleep 7 weeks ago yesterday. Our paths crossed 850 miles away from my place of residence in Los Angeles, Ca., in the high desert country of New Mexico. He was my best and only real friend, my lad, my boy, my son, my brother, my amigo, my comrade in arms, my only remaining family and the light and love of my life.

We had been through so much together Marmalade and I. We had a Secret Mutual Admiration Society that only he and I were members of. If we were alone together? had full belly's? and a roof over our heads? we were in paradise. He taught me about gratitude, contentment and living in the moment. We both had chronic health problems and we watched over each other. At times he held vigil over me and at times I held vigil over him. He saved my life and I saved his life. Many times. 

I hope that you will share some stories of your sweet Polly. And that soon when you think about her, only your fondest and happiest memories shall come to mind.

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