Hello everyone,

I am new here. English is not my native language so please forgive mistakes I make. 

Not sure how to begin. Not very good at this.
But I'm having such a hard time after my sweet cat Moortje of 16 years crossed the Rainbow bridge Saturday. 
I miss her so very much. It hurts so bad.

A year and a half ago my Jack Russel also crossed the Rainbow bridge at 16 years. 
So now both my fur babies are gone and for the first in a very very long time I am alone home. 
And I just miss them both so much. 

For me there is nothing so pure as the love of an animal. 
To everone who is hurting right now, I send you a hug.
It's so hard. 

Thank you so much reading. 

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I am truly sorry for your recent loss of Moortje and for your last year loss of your Jack Russel.  I know you're hurting.  The bond that we formed with these fur babies is so strong, their unconditional love is so pure, that when they say good bye, the pain is overwhelming.  This forum has helped me with my own loss.  We all understand your pain.  Many, many hugs.
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Thank you so much Sil. A big hug to you too. 
Overwhelming it is indeed. 
I am so glad I found this place with people who understand. 

That it is o.k. to mourn and hurt. 
Moortje was a rescue kitty when we got her. 
And it was love at first sight. She also got along with our Jack Russell from the first moment. They were such a sweet completely crazy couple lol. 
I can't believe they are both gone now. That empty feeling right now. 
And the silence. I got the TV sound on loud to not go bonkers from the complete silence. 

Thank you again. Just talking about them and knowing there are people who understand helps so much. 
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