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Wow, where did the 4 years go??? I am sorry for posting late for your sweet Maggs, always in my heart and mind....i sure hope you have been receiving good signs from your baby girl and always thinking of the Tethered together forever sister Kassee................Just know i am thinking of you and now in life, days just fly by, but our precious pets remain on our mind thru sooooo many hours thru the day. Sending you ((( ))))hugs and know i am thinking of  you and your blessed Pack  xo


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Friday, May 08, 2020


Today is a special day that memories will tease

Fifteen, where did all this time go?

For it is the Birthday of my two little peas - 

How could it be so?


The day shall be filled with treats, 

New found friends and old ones too.

Lots and lots of meets and greets

While chasing all will be the Roo!


Barks, chirps, meows and such,

Smiles, paws up, and tail wags

Will fill the heavens so much

And in the midst of all will be the Maggs!


Chases, forest walks,  porches upon to sit

Great times, ponds, fields of grass, of hay

All will Grace the skies with agility and wit,

For this is a celebration on this day - “wait is that a blue jay?”


No calories, no fat treats galore,

And, Fresh waters of all type

Coconut, spring and so much more -

Of what is loved by each - so much ‘hype’.


No rains, no cold, just skies of blue

Will Fill this Rainbow Bridge day

Oh, for sure above, such a loved motley crew!

A day of celebrations and thoughts of another long ago May.


No one left out

All invited to eat, snooze, laze and play

For no one the need to pout

Maggee and Kassee invite all, it is their way.


So many wishes held tightly within my heart

None need to be spoken aloud

Known and felt intuitively as hooves, wings, paws dart

Through those blue skies and puffy white clouds.


Sisters forever, born on this day

Never cross, never snarly, never ‘miffed’

Gentle and kind with one another always was their way

They are so missed, so loved, a blessing, a gift.


Through time and space, Maggee carries my heart

And Kassee my soul, across that space and time

As butterfly paws fly, pounce, jump and dart

I know really the gift born this day was mine.


Balloons tied tightly with those golden threads

Bounce across the sky with playful might

Welcome will be Soft, warm, cuddly blankets and beds

As those balloons become the stars of a perfect night.


Dreams that make tails wag,

Dreams that lead to those little woofs and barks,

So tired and weary from playing those games of tag

Deep slumber and dreams will abound in the dark.


Pets, cuddles and love abounds

Puppy secrets whispered for those long silky ears

It is the Birthday Day of my two sweet ‘hounds’

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday my sweet furry ‘deers’


Calm, peace and happiness for all

Another Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge!

No aches, no hurts, no meds, no loneliness as all hear the call

“Look, look, over here there is a opportunity for all to see

Our special ‘purposes’, our ongoing tasks, do you agree?

It is Our human loves, just over this ridge!”


So ‘dance’ little ones and have some fun,

A Birthday Day - yes, another one

It is a ‘bella-donna’ day, with moments as precious as teacups of ‘china’ (of course cups with no ‘nicks’); fun to the ‘max’;with ‘ hollywood’ handsome ’secret agents’ about, no need to ‘bail’ out as there is ‘little’ to worry about when the ‘dalials’ grow so bright, among the ‘daizies’ and the brilliant red butterfly ‘molly shrub’; when even the ‘munikees’ play in the grasses of ‘browns’ while the green ‘jasper’ sparkles amongst the solid rocks and so many ‘jems’ glisten in the sunlight.  A ‘norm’ at the RB, ‘spots’ of warmth, ‘popcorn’ clouds; ‘peanuts’ to find amongst the ‘tuxedoed superheroes’; ‘tag’ to play; ‘teddies’ to hug; skies of ‘lucy diamonds’ ; sound of bells that ‘jingle’ against fur and a great sense of all ‘spirits’ run ‘pel-mel’ through hearts, ‘cerred’ with memories. Dropped down on ‘an-knee’ for all - All remembered, all special, all loved so so much.)


(Please,  I am so so sorry if I have left out your special fur one’s name - just trying to incorporate some thoughts in a silly posting…for all, your pain, your loss, your sorrow and your support are never forgotten as are your special ones never left behind within the heart)


(i know you two have your soft eyes down and heads shaking at mummy’s “poetry” - my best friends and critics - seers of all - so many times, words, moments, shared together…)

Maggee and Kassee - run like the wind, chase each others’ tails and listen upon that wind for your names, and know each day without fail you are spoken to, loved and missed more than can be described.   


So loved, so adored, so missed.

Two peas, one pod!!

Happy Birthday Girls! Muggs and Roo!


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Oh my, what a beautiful post on your baby's birthday. As I read it through, it was as if someone was 'painting' a picture of the rainbow heaven our angles dwell in, just absolutely beautiful. What a sweet post. You cannot read your poem without a smile, if heaven is half as nice, it is a wonderful place to be. I've often wondered what it must be like 'over the bridge', and I think you captured such a vivid image with your words that will bring joy and warmth to all our hearts. I'm so certain your angels are as proud as they can be of you, the love in your words pour out on each line. And what a clever way to sum up the post with nods to others on this journey. I have always loved your writings, you know that, but this is my favorite and will be read again and again whenever I need a little 'lift, a little 'smile. Blessings to you and Happy Birthday to the sweet little angels.

Your friends, Charlie and Deborah
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Oh Cody~ I agree with Charlie. You are an excellent poet but this is my favorite too. It is exquisite! Especially love stanzas #8 - #11 because you so well describe your life with your heart & soul girls, sisters Maggee & Kassee. I've been smiling & crying at the same time. On anniversaries, birthdays, special days, I think we 'allow' ourselves to stop & reach back, deep into our hurting hearts & memories because we miss them so. But then again, you already know that you girls are forever with you. They are a part of you. This will never ever change. 

I was shutting down & scrolled down the bookmarks to the RBB forum. I don't come as often but so glad I came today. So glad to find your poem. I think Lucy guided me to it. Thank you for sharing your amazing poem with all of us. Thank you for sharing Maggee & Kassee with all of us. I hope today & every day brings you another wisp of wind, or an unexpected monarch landing on the branch near you. And double smiles when you see those cloud formations above...when your heart & soul feels your girls hugging you right back-- forever love!

Big hugs,

PS: Thank you for remembering all of our babies on your girls' birthday!
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Happy Birthday sweet Maggie & Kassee!!! 💞 I hope that your day was fabulous!!!  I’m sure it was filled with lots of fun, balloons, treats, games with all your friends and of course birthday cake!!! 🎈🧸 🎂 Hugs to you both on this special day!!!

Cody, this tribute is simply beautiful.  I can only agree with what Charlie and Kasey have said!  (Thank you Kas for the heads up!)  

I love the poem and I’m quite sure that the girls did too!  Such a beautiful expression of your love for Maggee and Kassee!  I also love the story at the end and how you included their friends (our beloved babies) Thank you for that Cody!  You have such a kind heart!!!

You are such an amazing and loving mom to your two peas in a pod!!  I’m sure that a part of the girls day was spent watching out over you! 💕💗
Thinking of you my friend and sending huge hugs on this special day!!! 💛🤗❤️ xxx

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Happy, Happy 15th Birthday sweet, adorable Maggee and Kassee !!!!

images-2.jpeg  Unknown.jpeg  Just sweet.jpg 
Hope you have a fun filled day running, snuffing, playing and eating lots of cake and treats with all your friends. Be sure to get your birthday hugs from my little girl, and don’t forget to take some time to visit your wonderful Mum, filling her heart and dreams with loving hugs from her precious little peas.
Enjoy your special day beautiful girls. xo
Dear Cody, this birthday poem you wrote for your adorable girls is so absolutely amazing, your creativity is beyond any words can describe, what a special and beautiful way to honour your sweet peas. I apologize for being a day late, but never think that you or your girls weren’t in my thoughts, I hope yesterday was a day filled with peace, love and a gentle touch to your heart that you know can only come from your girls. I raise a glass to your girls on this special day, heck….let’s make this party last all weekend long….are you with me……
Beautiful, amazing poem, and the special mention for little girl touched my heart so deeply, thank you my dear friend.
Sending peace, strength, healing and hugs your way, may your precious Maggee and Kassee always find the most beautiful ways to let you know they are forever close.
Maggee and Kassee….beautiful sisters, forever loved and always missed….two (plus one) peas in a pod forever……xoxo

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Happy, Happy Birthday to dear little peas Maggs and Kass!  I hope you’re having the most fun filled day at the that brings you sunshine, relaxation, snacks with all of your friends and of course the most awesome loving squeezes from your mum.  I’m sure you’ll pay her a visit that wraps her in your love and let’s her know you’re always very near.

Cody, this is one of the most beautiful posts ever...I can feel your heart and all of the love pouring out of it toward your girls.  Including our best little friends in the celebration is truly an honor for all of us.  I am in awe of your talent and beautiful expression of love for your girls.  

Wishing you a precious day of warmth for your heart and soul, and lots of loving signs from your little peas.  Big hugs to you all from Molly and me!

Dawn xxx

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Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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Hi Cody, and a huge Happy 15th Birthday to your beautiful girls, Maggee and Kassee!  I`m so sorry to be a little late posting here (thank you MJ for the prompt!), but please know you are always in my thoughts...    I have to agree with the rest of our "family" here in saying that your birthday message is wonderful - you are blessed in being able to "paint" pictures with words, and to include all our babies is just lovely, and I am sure my Hollywood Handsome boy will have played his part in the birthday celebrations!    You have been such an inspiration to us all here, always able to respond to our posts with such heartfelt words, while also mourning the loss of your dear girls - but you know Cody, those girls are with you always, never to far away from their wonderful Mum, and of course always together..    I hope the day passed peacefully for you - and while I`m sure there will have been sad memories too - remember your 2 little peas had a fantastic life with you, loved and cared for, and that is all our little friends ever needed.    Take care Cody, and thank you for always being here...

                                                                    Your friend,  Jackie xx
J Taylor
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Hi Cody! There's not much I can say here that hasn't been said already. What a beautiful, moving, loving tribute you have written. I love imagining Norm with all his RB friends together. What a beautiful place it must be. 

A very happy belated birthday to your two sweet peas in a pod. They are so loved. What lucky girls. 
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A belated shout out to your Maggs and Roo and wishing them the happiest of birthdays ever, two peas in a pod. And yes i have to agree with all others posting, you are an amazing Poet Cody, your words spoken and the way you say things to your girls are such amazing words. And I know they are wishing YOU a Happy Mothers Day today as you are the best mom to them!! Time does go by so quick, however I am happy that you have so many precious memories of your Kassee and Maggs and so many photos and just the pure joy knowing they brought you that unconditional love into your life.

Just wanted to say Hi and was thinking of you and your Tethered together forever girls.........have a blessed day and a big hug for your Kassee and Maggs....always with you and forever your guardian angels, til you meet again....xo


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Hi Cody, thinking of you and your adorable girls, never does a 10th or a 28th go by that your Maggee and Kassee aren’t in my thoughts. Please know that I am sending my most warmest, gentlest thoughts and hugs as you travel this difficult road, especially during this new time of adjustment for your family. May your wonderful, caring  heart always know and feel the pure love of your beautiful Maggs and Kass’s paws.
Your friend always, Don
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