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Cody, dearest,
I saw this morning that you were wandering about in this forum leaving a little basket with goodies also on my thread. Like always your words warmed my heart and brought comfort, I thank you for that.
As I read your lovely letter to your two sweet peas I hear you when you describe the struggle to find words that are different and not a repetition as I feel just like this. I am lost of words and have not written on my thread for quite a while. Yet my heart is filled with all the richness of memories you describe so well in your letter to Maggs and Kass.
There is always a changing, dear friend, and I think it is the only constant in this world. New broken hearts find this forum to find comfort and forge new relations whilst the “good old souls” have certainly spoken their unforgettable words and even tho some are long gone I can still hear them. Thus we all contribute to something big that is changing as time goes but it will last forever in the sense that Ginny ment it to be so many many years ago.
As I read on in your letter, your two emerge in front of my inner eye as they wrestle and I believe to hear all the sounds of pure joy, I even believe to hear you laugh. A beautiful moment you shared and I thank you for that.
I imagine your delight when you found this beautiful soft white feather on your porch and I wish many more signs for you from your beloved ones to fill your beautiful soul with a smile and the knowledge that they are never far.
Big fat hugs

Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)



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Cody thanks for always posting on my thread, and yes another *10th* of the month with your sweet Maggs. The words you write to her, as she knows how much she is loved and missed and all the precious memories. And Maggs is sure having her Bum warmed up in those heavenly skies, warmth, peace, joy love and just a whole lot of fun. And so glad for the sign of the soft white feather, signs are so amazing............(i still have four feathers wedge in my shingles right out my front door, for all the feathers i have found in the recent months)

May your Kassee and Maggs be tethered together forever, the two peas in a pod....

your love for your babies is so unconditional and they know this, they are your guardian angel forever. You, Cody have a heart of gold!!!

(((hugs from your friend Cam)))




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Hi Cody, thank you for your lovely post on Jim`s thead, and once again what a truly beautiful letter to your girls.   Like you, I often think that memories are fading - that time is fast marching on ahead only to be suddenly pulled up by a sudden recall of memory, maybe a "certain" song, or even just the sight of a little tan dog as I`m driving along....   and I`m suddenly whisked back to what I call "Jim time" once more..     I guess for most of us here it will always be this way - we will carry our babies with us forever however much time passes by......they will forever be connected to us, as they continue to show us through all the little signs they send, just like the beautiful feather Maggee and Kassee sent to you last week!      Ans as Dawn writes - never ever worry about losing touch with our forum family...a few weeks may pass, but we are always here for each other...

                                                                                Big Hugs, your friend Jackie xx

J Taylor
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