We lost our sweet Maddie on April 6, 2016. We are so very sad. One minute she is playing and running, the next minute she is in shock, not moving and then passed away, We tried to get her to the Pet ER, but she died on the way there. My heart hurts for my beautiful golden girl, She was only ten yrs old. They believe that she had a tumor that burst and she  bled out...I never even knew she was sick. The pain in unbearable. I am in shock and disbelief. My other golden girl, Mallory, is still with us and it helps me with my pain. I loved Maddie with all of my heart, she was our first "child." She was a beautiful, sweet, stubborn soul. I will miss her so much, she is always and will always be in my heart.   IMG_2655.jpg 
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I truly sorry for the loss of your baby Maddie. I too lost my best little pal this week - on April 7. He was a healthy and happy boy and had a sudden heart issue this week. We rushed to the ER late Sunday. We tried everything the cardiologist could offer but my little Gil succumbed to his condition yesterday morning. I understand how this sudden and unexpected loss can completely rip your heart out. I'm still reeling and in shock and know that I will never truly get over this loss. I do find peace in knowing that he is happy and well in a better place and that we will be reunited someday. I really love him and miss him though.

There are many people here who understand your pain. Wishing you peace and hope for you and our furry Angels.

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I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful soul your Maddie was!

Don't know, if it gives you a little peace....but weeks into suffering and trying to save my Katie's life, we prayed, Jesus would take her quickly. The wish was not granted and on 4/4 - on Monday, we put her to sleep. I would have given everything, if I could have saved here from suffering and she would have died in one day.

Katie was also 10 and very healthy. She would swim for 2 hours, ride the bike an hour and play in the dog park another 2 hours. No problem...full of life and energy. And then ..the next day she is sick and soon after she is gone.

No matter when and how, it still hurts the same. I am so thankful now, that Katie shared her life with me. And we will always miss our angels, that is what they are, angels sent to us.

The people here helped me so much in the forum and the chat. No idea how I would have survived the past few days.... Please come back and read and talk to the wonderful people here.

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So very sorry for your loss, what a beautiful girl Maddie was, truly your golden girl. Its so unbearably hard when we lose them, we lost our special old dog Jim 17 weeks ago, and we`re still trying to learn how to adjust to life without him.  They really are our family.
 Everybody on this wonderful site understands so much what you are going through right now, I got so much help from so many caring people.
                                                   Hugs to you, Jackie
J Taylor
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Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and understanding. It is such a blessing to have so many people understand what our family is going through right now. Thank you so very much, the support means everything to us....
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is so devastating to loose them. They are our heart and soul. Maddie was a beauty. She will always be with you as she will live in your heart forever. We are all here for you.
Wishing you peace and healing
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