Its been over 5 months and I wonder if I will ever stop feeling this pain and emptiness. Sitting here on new years eve wishing you were stop here with me. I miss cuddles with you, watching you scratch your back on low branches of the xmas tree, greeting me in the morning, everything about you. You were my reason for getting up in the morning, my reason to not get back too late and I miss you so so much. My family never felt the same so I can't talk about you to anyone. I'm sure one day I'll see you again and I just hope you're at peace where ever you are. Lucy I love you with all my heart xx
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what a nice tribute for your Lucy......she is now your guardian angel...........and missing our pets is such a hard thing, it brings tears to
my eyes everyday, the missing them......

til you meet again with your Lucy..............


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Prayers.  I can't wait till I meet my Katy Lou again.  Today marks 3 weeks, and I have cried everyday thinking about her.  This was the first Christmas and New Years in 15yrs that I have spent without her. 

Katy Lou, you will forever be in my heart.  Until we meet again.  Daddy loves and misses you so much.  You are daddys daughter.
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Thank you for your kind words, I know everyone on here understands the pain and emptiness that is felt. This was my first xmas and new year without Lucy in 15years and also my first in 30 years that I haven't had a dog or horse, they have all been special but had a stronger bond with lucy and the pain doesn't seem to ease.
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What an adorable girl your Lucy!
I am so sorry for your loss

One understands so well the feelings of tremendous loss
It has been 14 months since I lost the love and light of my life, my 16 year old boy Byron
One never stops yearning for them

Peace and healing to you in the coming year
Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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