I am so heartbroken. I miss Foxy so much. She was such a good girl. Before she was put down she decided to lick my whole face while we were on the floor with her. I hope she was letting me know it was ok. She was riddled with arthritis all over from her neck to her tail. She was in constant pain and kidney failure. She was unable to take anti inflammatories because of her kidneys. My poor baby was in pain and I couldn't do anything for it. The tramadol only worked so much, she would walk into walls and at the end I would have to force her to get up to go potty, she was in so much pain. It was time to let you go my sweet lamb but I miss you so much, I love you.
God Bless
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Sorry for you loss of Foxy.

My dog Bailey also  passed away on 4/19/16.  The pain is so great. I feel I should have done more for him.  I miss him terribly. 

You've come to the right place. 

Again sorry about your cute Foxy. 
October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
My best friend, my companion, my love


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I am so sorry you lost your baby.  Everyone here knows what you are going through and it is truly horrible.  As someone much wiser than I am said----"you took on her pain so that she could be FREE of pain".  It is the greatest gift we can give to these sweet ones who give us so much and only ask for love in return.

You are in the right place with people who understand and will offer you whatever comfort is possible.  I am sending you hugs and wishing you peace during this terrible time you find yourself going through.  Feel free to tell your whole story when you can.  It was 6 weeks before I could even see enough to type.  This is not a short journey you are on now. head shot.JPG 
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Your Foxy does resemble a little fox.  How precious she is.  I want to add my condolences for your loss.  Arthritis is a horrible thing.  I have it in many places in my body.  When I was younger, I used to think If I ever got arthritis, I could handle it.  It doesn't sound so bad.

Now that I have it, How WRONG I was..I am on powerful painkillers 3 times a day for it.  I can't imagine a poor dog not being able to take anything for the pain.  Prayers your way    Sue
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I am so sorry for your loss. Your baby looks EXACTLY like my Kayla....
I just lost my Sweetie on 4/8/16 and am heartbroken. I can't even get myself to admit he's gone or even accept his ashes or look at his pictures. We all know how you feel. May you find some comfort that she is no longer in pain. A little bit of each of us is gone when we lose our special baby.
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