This is a long post but I wanted to explain Jade's whole ordeal...

We tragically lost our sweet two year old boxer on June 5th and I'm really struggling with her loss...

Her ordeal began a month before her passing on Thursday, May 2nd.  She had an anal gland abscess that we were able to catch before it ruptured.  We took her to her normal vet; however, he was busy so his colleague saw us instead.  We left her there because he mentioned he'd have to sedate her to drain the abscess and flush it out.  We picked her up at about 6pm that night and when she got home, she immediately went to her bed and was crying the entire night.  My gut was telling me something was wrong... Because her vet was closed, I called their sister hospital and the vet I spoke to mentioned she's probably coming down from the sedation and is being dramatic so I trusted them but listening to her cry absolutely broke my heart.

The next couple of days she seemed to be doing better, just sleeping a lot.  I noticed on Saturday that she hadn't had a bowel movement and called her vet.  They mentioned it's normal from the sedation and if she hasn't had one by Monday, then to bring her in.  Monday morning I got up and checked on her and noticed she had a bowel movement in the house.  Throughout the day, she began leaking feces from her rectum.  I rushed her to the vet and saw the colleague again and he said it was colitis and gave her some anti-diarrheal medication.  A couple of days later, it still hadn't stopped so we took her back.  They decided to board her there to monitor her healing. I was a little relieved since the feces leakage was getting out of hand.

A few days went by but there was no change; still constant diarrhea leakage so the vet says he'll be doing surgery on her to suture back the anal gland rupture to see whether that would help.  It didn't...

About five days later, while Jade was still in their care, I got a call from the vet informing me he needed me to rush Jade to the emergency room for emergency surgery.  He had decided to go out and buy tampons to stick in her rectum to try and stop the diarrhea leakage but instead, he tore her rectum and tore her colon.  I was in a panic and rushed her to the ER.  They were able to suture up her colon and her rectum, but because it's the dirtiest area on a body, the risks of infection/becoming septic was high.  There was also the possibility that the sutures wouldn't hold.  But because Jade was only two years old, we were optimistic.

The surgery went well and they were able to repair her colon but it was up to her to recover. We decided to keep her there for a few days since they have 24 hour care and she had already been through so much...we just wanted to make sure she was ok before taking her home.  Five days after her surgery, they found an abscess that was pressing on her bladder and needed surgery to remove/flush.  We couldn't let her go at that point and opted for the surgery.  It turned out to be something called a "stump pyometra".  The stump was excess tissue left over from her spay that had gotten infected.  After the surgery, she seemed to be doing better.  Again, we asked to keep her there for 24 hour care.  Six days after her 2nd surgery, I received a call from her critical care doctor informing me that her internal sutures didn't hold... She would have needed the exact same surgery to repair her colon again... with no guarantees and high risks of infection.  I forgot to mention that the entire time, her leakage continued.  Her bum was raw from all the moisture from the feces and the cleaning of the feces.  As hard as it was for us, we painfully decided we couldn't let her suffer anymore.

Throughout her stay at the hospital, we were visiting with her everyday; hoping that she was on the mend.  We were convinced that she was out of the woods after the abscess surgery and were prepping the house to bring her home.  She was still leaking diarrhea but we were hoping that that'll resolve over time.  The diarrhea would've stopped eventually and if it was an incontinence issue, we would've managed.

Putting her to rest that night was hands down the worst day of my life.  I took the next few days off from work and grieved my loss.  That was two and a half weeks ago and I'm still struggling... I'm still crying myself to sleep and still crying every time I think about her.  I feel so guilty... during her last month of life, she spent it in unfamiliar places instead of home with her family.  I feel like I failed her by leaving her in the care of the vet who's decision to shove a tampon in her bum ultimately led to her death.  I literally poured my heart into trying to fix someone else's mistakes but we still lost her anyway...  Thinking about all the pain she must've endured breaks my heart every time I think about it.

How do I move on from this immense heartbreak?  The vet that "treated" her called and left a voicemail expressing his sorrow for our loss and said they'll arrange payment with the ER for her colon surgery but because the abdominal surgery wasn't a related issue, they won't pay for it.  Which is fine.  We didn't know they'd be covering the surgery when we decided to move forward with them.  They obviously know the tampon is what tore her colon, which is why they made that offer.  During my grief, I've had thoughts about suing for negligence or going after his license by filing a complaint with the Veterinary Medical Board.  But what good would that do?  Jade would still be gone... I keep calling the vet and leaving a message with the front desk to have him call me back but every time he calls, I don't pick up. I guess I wanted to place blame and seek some sort of closure thinking that some of this pain will subside after I chew him out... but what if it doesn't?  I think that's part of the reason why I won't pick up his returning calls...

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JD, I am so sorry about the ordeal you had to go through and for the loss of your beloved Jade. It is difficult enough to lose our pets, but when you have to go through those aggravating circumstances with a young pet and make the ultimate decision to let them go, it is even more difficult.

Grief and sorrow take time to move through after losing a pet. You will get through it, but you will need to be patient with yourself as you move through it. Chewing someone out while suffering emotional pain is understandable but is seldom a good decision. You may need to wait on that until you are able to be a bit more rational about it.

I find the vet's decision to use a tampon to treat diarrhea in a dog (or a person for that matter) to be completely idiotic and irresponsible. There ARE diapers for dogs if one is sick of the smelly mess. The vet may have to put a cone around the dog's neck to keep her from ripping a diaper off, but I am certain a vet would have one of those handy. I am so sorry you and Jade had to suffer the results of that one foolish choice. You have all my sympathy! Hugs 🤗 🤗🤗🤗🤗 and love ❤️ 💛 💜 💚 !

The only good thing to come from that vet's poor decision was that it led to you finding out, from another vet, what the underlying reason was for Jade's illness and suffering. After you found out, you got it fixed. I am certain that Jade appreciates all that you did for her in trying to get her better, even though the end result wasn't what you had hoped for.

I support you in writing a letter to the authorities, whoever they may be, informing them of your experience and loss due to this vet's unprofessional and unethical decision to use a tampon to treat a canine's chronic diarrhea. This vet's colleagues should also be informed. Sadly, it won't bring Jade back, but it could very well help other precious animals in the future.

I am sorry that your first post here was met with the harshness of Memories_of_Marmalade's personal diatribe against most veterinarians. I know people come here for support, sharing, understanding, and kind words of sympathy. So, stick around, others are sure to share these things with you in time. It is a caring and supportive place to be after pet loss.

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Hi JD1216,

I’m so sorry to for your loss of your beloved Jade. The events that played out are absolutely heartbreaking and like Andee said that one particular vet sounds idiotic. I know it won’t change anything. But please know we are here for you. I think a lot of us may have questioned the vets, I know I sure have but in the end it won’t make our pets be here again or take away our pain.

I lost my ginger kitty, Bubby, 9 days ago. I’m still in the thick of the grief with the never ending tears, unbearable pain and immense amount of grief amongst other feelings. Like you, I tried over the course of Bubbys short life (10 years) to keep him healthy and going. He had two hospital stays, one in 2014 and another in 2017 before this last final stay (his kidneys were in failure) where we wouldn’t bring our little man home. I always say he’s my $20000 kitty (luckily we have pet insurance) but I would spend any amount to have him here.

I wish I could take your pain and heartache away. I know it’s the worst feeling in the world. I can only say is to take it minute by minute, day by day. That’s what I keep telling myself. While the tears have lessened a tiny bit, my broken and shattered heart hasn’t.

These wonderful people here have helped me tremendously when many people don’t want to hear about a dog or cat passing. We here know that they’re more then that. For me, my Bubby was my rock, my son, my hero, my warrior, my love. He’s my one in a million. We’re here to help. We feel your pain and heartache. We know.


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I am so sorry for your loss :/ I understand your stance on not knowing if you want to press charges or not. My anakin passed away suddenly last year and I still blame our vet. He got a "simple run" of Kennel cough that I was told would go away on its own. The kennel cough turned to pneumonia which then turned to kidney failure. I reached out to the daycare to try and tell them they should not tell clients that dogs get kennel cough frequently and that it is no big deal to try and stop anakins case from happening again. I blamed the hospital and daycare for a full year. Even did research and term papers 'for fun' linking kennel cough to pnemonia and glomeular nephritis. And in the end? It hasnt done anything to help heal my heart a full year later :/  
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Words can't express how truely sorry I am for your loss and your beyond horrible experience and the pain and suffering of your dog and losing her so young.

I too lost a pet due to vet negligence. I understand the anger and helplessness. I just lost my soul mate Sun morning - opting to stop treatment too. Now I am dealing with second guessing my self and I am in so much emotional pain I can't eat of sleep. All I do is cry and obsess over what I could have done differently. So my heart goes out to you. I had 13 years with the first one mentioned and 15 with my recent loss. I have however lost two pets very young too which is a special heartbreak on top of the loss of the one of a kind individual each one is. There will never be another. I truely understand the heart pain and you are not alone. You did over and above everything possible to make her better. I prey they will be on the other side when we get there. Evedence seems to show they are there waiting and there is no time on the other side. Love never dies. Nothing makes a difference right now as we both know. Only time. The age of your dog and the circumstances I am sure are adding to your pain. Again I am so so sorry. Jeri
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