I came here because I am over taken with grief, my dog Midnight who we rescued from the humane society when she was 4 months old, passed away this evening unexpectedly.  She was 10 yrs old and I knew that being a larger dog their life span is shorter than that of a small dog but this morning we took her to the vet to get a tumor removed from her leg, the vet called at 3pm and said the surgery went well but to come around 6pm to pick her up so she could wake up more because she was pretty groggily, well when I got to the vet the veterinarian came out and let me know that the tumor was a vascular tumor and she bled a lot but that she thinks she will be ok but right now she is still really groggy from the anestheia.  Well I paid for her surgery and kept waiting for them to bring her out, about 10 minutes later the veterinarian came back out to give me a pamplet for the emergency hospital in case she did not do well over night, her heart rate was up a little and she still was really out of it, she said they could keep her there for the night but they don't have any staff there and she thought she would be better with me where I can watch her closely, she also said a tech would need to carry her out to the car.  When they brought her out she did look pitiful, she was not very alert and was breathing a bit rapid, I asked was this how she is suppose to look and the tech just said that it was due to her age and anesthia, and that I needed to watch her and if it got worst to not hesitate to take her to the animal hospital, I live about 10-15 minutes from the vet, when I got home and went to the back of my vehicle to take her out, she had already passed away.  I was devastated, I knew she was getting up there in age but this was not what I expected taking her this morning.  I am sick with grief and I am thinking of things I could of done differently, I know this will take a long time to get over, she was not just a pet, she was a part of our family.
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know that you gave her a good life.....its been a little more than 12 hours since I lost my pazzo last hurts but I know he is pain free now....
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I'm really sorry. I lost Lucy 6 months ago and I will never forget the pain I felt in the several days following her death. I've never felt so empty and over taken with grief. Try to be gentle to yourself and allow yourself to grieve however you need to. The days will get easier and you will be left with more happy memories than sad. I still cry for my girl but in a different way. And I mostly feel happy when I think of her. I wish you the best in the difficult process.
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In your post I recognize the feeling of how quick the passing was. One moment our pets are still there, and the next they're gone --like having missed a minute or just seconds-- and I think to myself if I've gone out a little earlier, I might've still caught my little one breathing. 
My pug died of a heat stoke in the balcony. She was playing with my other dogs an hour after lunch, I went in my room & came back out a couple of hours later and found her lying on her side, not moving -- her eyes were open & her tongue was sticking out as it is when she pants, but it was blue. I called her but she did not move & I can still hear the hysterical tone of my voice as I called her again, knowing she is gone. I picked her up, but she was limp. I splash water on her face, massaged her, blew a breath on her nose -- none of which of course made a difference. That was a week ago -- 5 days before my birthday.
In the center of me where I imagine my "heart" is, in the center of me that she owns, I feel nothing but the emptiness of her passing & the creeping cold. I have no name for this pain.
I want to turn back the time!
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What a horrible experience.  I am so sorry.  I had to let my Robert go a 2 weeks ago.  It is heartbreaking in every way.  Your experience is just awful.  I am not sure what I would feel about the care of this vet clinic.  Bleed out is not a term that I would accept from them and sending you home with this condition is irresponsible on their part.  I should not say that but it is how it seems to me.  Your baby is ok now at home with my Robert and all of those who have passed on to await us.  Again...I am so sorry and will pray for you. 
You will be watched over now by your own angel.  
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