This was my first ever experience with euthanasia and I opted to have the vet come to my house. At that point Georgia was not able to get up anymore and was not accepting any water or food for the past 24 hours. She was severely dehydrated and breathing heavy.
I spent the whole night either lying by her side or trying to support her when she tried to walk. It was hard watching her so weak and fragile. At the time I wished the vet would come sooner so she wouldn't have to suffer any extra time. Now I feel guilty and would give anything to get that time back.
When the vet arrived I could tell she knew. She calmly stared at the vet and tried getting up. The first needle was just a sedation and it brought on immediate relief to her pain. I cloud tell she was finally feeling good , her whole body relaxed and she started snoring loudly. I haven't seen her that relaxed in a long time and I thought "maybe if she could just sleep it off and wake up and be all
Healthy and young again ..." But after sedation comes the actual euthanasia needle which the vet had to give in her tummy. She was so dehydrated at that point it was hard to find a vein even after trying both forearms.
But it didn't hurt her and she still kept snoring peacefully until her last breath. I held her close the whole time and cried. I told her how much I loved her and that I would miss her dearly. I couldn't tell the exact minute she was gone. I could just see her lips turn dark blue and cold and then the vet checked one last time and told me Georgia passed away. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for that . I only found comfort in knowing she was pain free and dignified. Her body was gently wrapped in a beautiful fuzzy blanket and strapped on a stretcher. I was glad they never covered her head or put her in some body bag. She was taken inside a car and not put away in the trunk. Still I feel
So guilty and like I failed her. She was only 12 years old. She was like my baby.
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The Rainbow Bridge just gained another angel, Georgia.
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I am so, so sorry for you loss. You're not alone in your grief. I had to euthanize my beloved cat 3 days ago. I still feel guilty like you but I know that you did not fail her, you ended her suffering out of love. I did the same, there was no other way, she could not go on living, but it still hurts and part of me wishes I could go back to that moment and change it, postpone it. Take care and hugs to you.
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I am so very sorry for your loss! We had to say good bye to our boy in November and you are so right: nothing prepares you for the awful devastation when you know it's over and they are gone.
Thinking of you at this difficult time and sending hugs!!
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I would like to add my condolences! Sorry for the loss of your beloved Georgia. She is at peace now.
Take Care!
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What a beautiful girl Georgia is.  Want to add my condolences on her passing.  Sue
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I`m so sorry , Georgia was a beautiful girl.  We had to have our little dog put to sleep 19 weeks ago, and it so hard coming to terms with their loss. We all feel guilty when making that final decision, but it is done out of love for our babies - Georgia would thank you for taking her pain away, she would have known you were there with her as you helped her cross the Bridge. 
                                                     Hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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I am sorry for your loss of Georgia.......and it brings back the familiar scenerio of the 2 needles at the sad........I guess no one can prepare for their pets passing. I remember i had a hard enough time just signing the "euthanasia" forms, i couldn't do it i had to wait for about an hour. I guess in reality, we do have to think of our pets health and their quaility of life. I am glad you were able to spend your last waking hours with your Georgia, cuddling, kissing and letting her know how much she is loved. She is now pain free and living a good life at the Rainbow Bridge, watching and waiting til you are re connected again.


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Thank you guys for sharing your experiences. It's really helping me somewhat. It's hard to come to terms with the euthanasia thing, maybe because it's such a taboo topic in relation to human life. Also I come from a family that's always been firmly against it so all my extra guilt stems from that. I don't really have any support out here, I moved away from my family and got Georgia so now i just feel like I let down the only family I had :(
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