I lost my baby girl about a month ago. She was a year old, a beautiful fluffy calico, and she was my everything. We had no idea she was so sick, so when we took her to the vet and found out she needed either a $2000 blood transfusion that may not even help her mystery illness, or to put her down, we had no choice but to say our goodbyes. I did EVERYTHING I could, called everyone, applied for CareCredit, begged the vet for a payment plan, and none of it was enough. I’m used to having a sizeable, steady income. But Covid took that from me. I lost my grandma a few days before. I miss her so much. She cuddled with me in bed every single night. She followed me around everywhere. She sat on my lap when I cried. She loved me so much and I loved her just as much as she did. I’m 21. I’ve never had to make that choice before. I’ve never had to say goodbye to my baby. And I had never held them while it happened. I miss Freyja so much. And I’m all alone in a brand new city stuck in my apartment so I can’t do anything but feel it. I hurt so bad. Goodbye baby girl. I hope you know how loved you were Freyja. 
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I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I just lost my friend for 16 years, Little, Aka poot. I understand how hard it must be to lose your grandmother and then your Freyja. I had to put down my buddy as well and it’s so hard. I feel so much guilt. I’m 27 and I’d never had to make that choice either. But your little girl seemed to always try to cheer you up when you were sad. I’m sure she doesn’t blame you and would be on your lap trying to cheer you up right now if she could. ❤️  I’m always on here because I’m sad about my own loss so don’t hesitate to talk. Some people might not understand the weight of your loss but we don’t. ❤️You’re not alone. 
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My Dear Shae,

I am so, so sorry for your loss of your beloved Freyja. It is so, so obvious in all of your words how much you loved, cherished and completely adored her.

The measure of your grief is measured by the love that your beloved felt from you all the days and nights that you were together.

Sweetheart I want you to know something important. My cat Marmalade and I were homeless and broke when we hit the road together. And I rebuilt our lives over a few years. And at the time of his passing I had significant funds again on hand. I spent $2500 and could not save him. I took him to a Vet and 2 different Animal Hospitals and they could not save him.

In the end I realized that these Vet's know what we are going through at the end and they can cash-out 2K to 4K or more in those final weeks or months every time. Not all of them. But MOST of them. And quite often all we end up doing is prolonging the envitable and allow our beloved's to live in pain, suffering and anxiety. They become shadows of their former selves, when we should let them go. So in my case, I had the money and still I had to let my beloved go. He didn't want any further medical treatment. He was so tired of being poked, and prodded, and man-handled, and examined, and treated and medicated. He had taken 13 different medications over 60 days and he was just tired of going to the Animal Hospital. He was starting to fight back. Not against me ever, he always cooperated, but in the back room of the hospital. He would tear them to pieces. He had had enough.

I read 3 Vet's who said "You treat one thing it triggers another." So we've always got to be careful towards the end. Weigh it all out. Be strong, brave and courageous for our beloveds. And that is EXACTLY what you did when the time came to do what you needed to do. 

There are so, so, so many complex illnesses, diseases, conditions, etc. that can happen to our beloved's at any time. Much out of nowhere and very sudden. Many here on the forum have had to put their pets down due to a mystery illness. Which quite often turns out to be something truly frightening. You saved your little girl from that reality before she deteoriated and suffered any further.

I pray that you will heal up on your journey of grief and that soon when you think of your girl all that comes to mind are your favorite and most cherished memories of her. 

Please know that you are not alone. We are with you in comradeship and spirit. As is your Freyja.

Kind regards and my sincerest condolences,
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