I lost my 12 year old shihtzuTucker unexpectedly 5 days ago, he had never been sick his whole life beside little stuff and he just started feeling sick a few weeks ago We thought a urinary tract infection put him on two weeks of antibiotics but he just went downhill fast, I took him to a special he stopped eating and I was force feeding him and didn't have a diagnosis and was taking him to the vet constantly trying to figure it out. The specialist did an ultrasound and had horrible news he had prostate cancer and it happened just like this she said it was terminal no matter what , no chemo or surgery would only prolong his life by maybe a few weeks and I couldn't put him thru that. He has been thru my divorce that happened last year my husband of 11 years was having an affair and it devasted me and was completely out of the blue... Tucker was my support and I'm wait f for a kidney transplant on dialysis that I do at home and have had 5 surgeries in the last six months. Bennie is my other shiatsu he got diabetes last summer and thought he might not make it but he has been doing really well and I just had my last surgery 4 weeks ago and was starting to get better right when Tucker got sick , my whole life has been loss and heartache this last year and I'm just taking this so hard😞😪 I cry when I walk past his bed at night sometimes I call him back in when I get Bennie to come back inside from going friends and family have been very supportive, they know I don't have kids well i did they just have fur ❤ I know I will never forget Tucker I just hope this absolute depression will get better ....
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Dear Chrissy 

So so sorry that you have
lost your beloved pet

So sorry that you have
suffered so much personal
and physical grief as well.

Hoping that it would okay
if I pray for you???

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Chrissy (Tuckers Mommy 💙)

I’m deeply sorry for he loss of your baby Tucker. My heart breaks for you, the pain of losing your fur baby is awful. It’s a nightmare. I wish I could give you a hug. I lost my baby boy Teddy Sunday May 6,2018 almost 2 months ago to CHF, he passed on his own and lived to be 10 years 8 months. I still cry, it feels like just yesterday I lost him. My life feels empty and depression. It’s so hard to lose our babies. Even though we know we will out live them we still see so much of our future with them. Losing them is a shock. It’s painfully hard 💔I hope you find comfort here sharing yours and Tucker’s story. Tucker is absolutely darling and beyond adorable. Just Know your Tucker is with. I’m not just saying that either. Sending you big warm hugs and lots of comfort. Hugs 💕💛
If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

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Chrissy, I am so sorry for your terrible loss. Our babies are with us throughout their lives consoling us through the rough times and they become such important family members to us. It's a terrible thing having to lose them. Please know that he is with you in spirit to comfort you through this very difficult time. My Max was a Shih Tzu Poodle mix and I loved him so much. He never once got sick either in his 8 years until he did and then he was gone. It is heartbreaking, and the impotence I feel not being able to save him is consuming. I hate revisiting his last week in my mind but I can't help it, human nature to over analyze our actions or lack of action to try and lay blame somewhere as to why they are no longer with us. There is nothing we can do but deal with the hole they leave in our lives and all we can do is take it one day at a time. This is about the time my anxiety starts to kick in, knowing I have to go home to a quiet dogless house. Sending you hugs and prayers.  
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So very sorry for the loss of your sweet companion Tucker.  I lost my Biggs Monday and I'm absolutely devastated.  I live alone and Biggs was my support.  Didn't realize how much until he was gone.  He died suddenly.  Just collapsed and died before I could even say goodbye.  In a flash he was gone.  Everywhere I look my heart just breaks.  I have two kitties that are comforting, but Biggs was my shadow.  Chrissy, I understand your pain and hope that you find comfort soon.  I don't know if I'll survive the loss of my Biggs.  He was my world.
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Feeshee, I feel your pain and I wish there was something I could do to help you. I lost my 2 dogs just one month apart and I have a kitty at home. I know how lonely it feels without your shadow following you around the house. Max and Bailey were always at my heels, everywhere I went, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, everywhere I went, there they were. Now they're both gone. My kitty is very quiet and she is starting to follow me around, but it will never be the same. The happy barking, tail wagging, the sloppy kisses. I shared all my meals with Max and Bailey and now I feel guilty if I eat any of the things I know they liked. It's a tough road but one that is inevitable. Please remember we are all here to support you and help you get through your pain. Please post as often as you feel you need to, it helps to get it all out. Everyone here understands the devastation you feel, but we have to remember we are not alone. Hugs and prayers to you.
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