It's been 4 hours since I lost my little 4 month old kitten. He had congestive heart failure and needed medication twice a day. I set my alarm this morning to give him his medicine and he choked on one them, the one that tastes bad, and he gagged and struggled to throw it up and he couldn't breathe and I didn't know what was happening. He carried out twice and I was so scared, I didn't jknow what was happening and my first thought was to take him to animal emergency asap. Before I knew it l, as I put him in my lap in the car, he went limp in my arms as I was driving him to the animal emergency hospital. I knew he was gone, he was so still while I was racing to the hospital and I was praying the whole time and I kept saying I'm so sorry Felix, I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry. I've never loved anything so much in my life. He brought such joy to me and my husband's lives and he was truly our baby. I felt like he was my natural born son and now he's no longer with me. I feel like a piece of my heart has died with him and I miss him so much. It hurts so much that I couldn't help him and that he had to die in such a way. He was choking and could not breathe and I tried to perform CPR but he got scared and bit me. My poor baby didn't know what was happening to him and I was panicking and not knowing how to help him. I took him in my arms and raced to the hospital but I knew before we even left he was gone, in my arms. i hope he didn't suffer . My poor sweet Felix is gone and I hope he knows how much he is loved and missed. Thank you Felix for letting me be your mom and I hope we were able to give you a good life. You deserved much more from this world and you didn't deserve to go that way. We were supposed to have a great day today. I hope you know how much I will always love you, my boo boo. Please Rest In Peace, you don't have to take any more medicine and no more trips to the vet. Your heart is now heathy and your breathing is normal and you can run around with the other cats and dogs in heaven. I hope to see you again one day. I love you so much booboo.
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Only an angel can capture your heart and soul, bring so much joy, and make you fall in love to the extent that you did in four short months. You are right, your little boo boo did deserve much more from this world. But it is a cruel reality that life is unfair.

I hope and pray that sooner than later the flood of good memories will overtake the memories of that final day and how he had to die. Because you will play them over and over in your head. And the pain is unbearable. This we all know.

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your beloved little kitten. The bonds we form with these precious little creatures is deeper than we could ever imagine. I wish you peace during your time of mourning.
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