my 15 year old tabby passed in the early hours this morning from lymphoma and i’m not exactly sure what i should do now emotionally. i’ve already got her cremation squared away and will also be receiving a clay print of her paws but i just feel so hollow...

she was somewhat of a support animal at this point (although uncertified, i’d just had her since birth) and now i feel lost and unsure of what i want to do next.... if anyone has links to videos or pdfs or anything else to cope with the loss i would really appreciate it. i was 10 when this cat was born and she was like a sibling to me. 
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet tabby Lily. There is no one, right path through the grief you are experiencing. It is okay to feel however you feel. Your sibling Lily was with you for most of your life at this point. It is normal to feel lost and hollow.

I feel that animals can reach a part of our hearts that others do not. When they leave us it is heartbreaking.

There are many wonderful and compassionate people here who understand your pain. I hope one of them can post some helpful links.

My condolences,
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