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I'm so sorry about your Katie girl. I hope she's playing with my Mason, who joined her today.

I feel all of the things you feel.

I hope Nala brings smiles to your face, and yours to hers.
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      I read your story and posts tonight and I first want to tell you that I am sorry for the loss of your dear Katie. Your love for her has been so beautifully expressed, your loss reaches my heart as well. 
        You took in another canine in need recently named Nala and what a wonderful way to pay tribute to the life you shared with Katie. I suppose I am writing to you just to share some of  my own experience with some small hope of providing some comfort and assurance.
          I lost my Lab/mix named Coco from bone cancer 16 month's ago. The passage of time has afforded me a perspective that I certainly had none of during those first few terrible, raw, grievous month's after loosing my special girl. I did rescue a Labrador from one of our local shelters a few month's after Coco's passing. I share this with you because I know that you are considering keeping Nala and for the sake of that unfortunate dog it seems that you would be the perfect one to have her.
            I took things slow with Rudy, my adopted Lab, fostering him for a little while. I must also say that there were no lightbulbs or fireworks going off in my head telling me to keep him. I just knew that I had to, I had to give him the life that I knew I could. I had all of this love from my girl Coco and she would want me to share it with another, another that really needed it.
          I was so struck by your writing. You seem also like the sort of person who needs to stay busy, needs to work, have a purpose. Honestly, I admire that quality as it took me quite a while to get out of my deep depression. I know that your heart will always have that very special place just for Katie. It is such a tremendous loss and boy can I relate. I also know that the highest tribute I paid to my lovely girl Coco was in adopting Rudy. It really helped me.
           As a matter of fact, being on this forum and adopting another canine have been true lifesavers for me. I just hope that whatever happens Nala finds a good home. You surely are a very generous person to get involved in animal rescue. Believe me when I say that your dear Katie would approve of giving the love you shared with her to another........Bless You and take care............Sincerely, Andrea.

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Thank you all for the kind words and the encouragement!

Nala needs us .... I can see that very clearly now. Her fears need more than regular training. Her malnourishment as well.

Still not feeling a big connection, but she grows on me and we hope, we can learn to help her fears.
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Hello katiesmom,
Nala does need you. I am so happy she has you. You will certainly give her what she needs. I know you will feel wonderful when you see her starting to trust and feel good maybe for the first time in her life. My heart is full of hopefulness for you with Nala. Keep us posted when you can.
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I have been reading your posts about your angel Katie. I used to call my Grace ' my Angel ' I got grace one month after the loss of my little girl Jenny. Grace gave me a reason to live again. I have always had a little yorkie and have been through so much pain when each one had to be put to sleep. I decided Grace would be my last baby. After having her put to sleep last June the house was so empty. I think I am too old now to train another puppy.
I found a rescue dog Betty, she is a lovely girl and is ' in love ' with my husband. I know she loves me too, but she has a special bond with my husband.
My heart still aches, I miss my beautiful angel Grace so much. I too wake up at 3am ! most nights.
I do hope you keep your rescue dog Nala. She needs love and care, she will repay you with love and help you to carry on. X. ))))hugs(((((

B brougham
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It's been a while, since I wrote in Katie's thread.....
Today I am back and don't know, why and what came over me, but I had such a meltdown. Miss my Katie, my love, my baby, my teacher....

Then I feel bad, because Nala is right here and shouldn't be involved in my sadness. And for the most part, I am ok, but yesterday and last night was just so sad, I felt like my heart was ripped out all over again.
Wonder why now?

To give you an update on Nala:
We are working with a special trainer and I have to say, I have never seen nor heard of such progress when dealing with a fearful dog. She will need more training, but boy has she made such a huge progress.

She seems to be special in many ways, we are still trying to find out more about. There is something very calm and deep about her, I now know, that I want to learn more about her and her mission in our lives.
Her story and her mom's story (Lily) and few pictures are posted on this website: http://www.legacyrescue.us.

...in available dogs/success stories, Dadas family (was Lily's name in Turkey).

She is not Katie, who has been THE LOVE. And yet, not enough, too short, so my heart aches and longs for the love lost.

All here on this forum, please know, how much you helped me ..... cannot thank you enough and will be forever grateful.
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Hi Katiesmom,
I read through your thread this morning. I really empathize with a lot of the things you have gone through. We needed to give our Bailey 'meds' in a syringe for a long time but he was still very happy and enjoying his life until the last few weeks when we tried so hard to feed him or find something he would eat - but when we learned he was just too sick and we had to let him go. I read what someone said on your thread about having your heart grow bigger so they can take part of it with them when they go - and Bailey certainly took part of mine. I know it was the same for you with Katie.
I think it's so wonderful that you kept Nala and are working with her! To hear that she is making such progress is so heartwarming. I have no doubt that your love for her will continue to grow with time but of course you will never forget your beautiful Katie. You still need to look after yourself as well. I am sensing that you are havinginner turmoil - wirh regard to grieving for Katie with Nala there. I was always like that with Bailey (never wanted him to see me sad) but I really think it's okay to miss Katie and feel sad when you need to. Of course your heart still aches for her. (I know I will love Bailey until the day I die.) It would be difficult to bury those feelings even around Nala as animals are so intuitive. I have found that they really want to be there for you when you feel sad or hurt. When my friend, who lost her mom, was visiting my boy went right to her when he saw her upset and she held him and cried. It may make Nala feel better to be able to give back to you as she can likely sense your sadness. It would be so wonderful if you could help each other and I think may even make your bond grow.
Kudos to you for taking Nala in! - working with her and giving her a wonderful home - and I sympathize and understand the pain you still feel over losing your beautiful Katie (even though you have Nala)
I hope things continue to progress with Nala. You have a wonderful heart!
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Thank you so much for telling me about your dog and for your kind words.
It is interesting and I just remembered, how Nala immediately took to one of our friends and laid down with him, her head on his chest. He lost his Rottweiler in a tragic accident a while ago and is still grieving. He enjoyed Nala so much and held on to her as long as she laid with him, which seemed forever.

Being a dog that was tortured and then neglected by her adopters, Nala does not easily accept people. We were so stunned and so happy about the gift, she gave our friend.

And you are right, there is some turmoil in me....my Katie, my angel, I miss her. She was perfect.
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I was reading through your thread earlier but forgot to click on the link. Bailey had been beaten and abused as a little puppy (spine cracked) so I assumed it was similar. Oh my word, I just clicked and read about Nala's family and the added trauma she endured of seeing what happened to the other puppies. It still continues to amaze me how cruel people can be!! I'm so glad Nala is with you - safe and happy! What she did for your friend was all the more remarkable considering the horrific events she had been through!
On another note, I know that Katie and Bailey and all of the other bridge kids are happy, healthy and at peace until we see them again.
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Hi Susanne and MJ,
I am always praying that Sadie is playing with all our fur babies.
I know how much Katie and Bailey are missed. When there is a love so strong, you are always trying to get on day by day.
Susanne I am glad you have Nala to help and love. Katie is so proud of you. I know the ache you feel for your girl. I have been looking on pet Finder but still cannot make that commitment. I so loved my Sadie and just looking for another fur baby makes me miss her more. I think as MJ said Nala will sense your pain and help you. The poor baby was so abused,that it breaks my heart when I read about what happened. I always cry , because I can't understand how cruel people can be.
I too had to give Sadie a lot of pills and sub q fluids daily. It was a challenge to find something she could and wanted to eat. I so wanted to be able to save her. The kidney disease was too much. Sadly by the time she was in renal failure nothing worked. I had to let her go. It has been 3 months since I had to let her go. I don't cry every day. My heart always aches for her.
We have to try and remember that they are free of pain and disease.
I wish us all peace and healing
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Thanks Tammy! I feel the same. I think we all help each other on this forum and I'm sure that Sadie, Katie, Bailey and all of our babies are happy for that! MJ :)
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