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MyBella wrote:
Hi Rusty,
I am so sorry for the loss of your Dixie, what a sweet face in the picture.I sincerely wish the many sweet memories you have can help mend your heart back together.
Thank you for your post on my letter to Bella, I am sorry I didn't respond earlier but quite frankly I am overwhelmed by the many responses.It is so lovely the support that this forum has.
Wishing you some solace for your broken heart.
Sincerely, Vera

Thanks for your kind words.I really appreciate it. My co-workers just don't understand. For them,their dogs are not part if the family. They are simply pets that they feed.I'm not like that. There have been a few threads that I've read and could have responded, but didnt.I feel bad about that. All of us are hurting so bad. Some ppl get it,some will never understand. My wife told our neighbor yesterday. She said, "oh well I guess it was time". I got annoyed and said no it wasnt.She has pets but they are in no way loved or "part of their family". Take care
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