I don’t know how I’m supposed to move on after losing chi chi yesterday. She was the sweetest little chihuahua ever and yesterday she had a stroke after being sedated for a vet procedure. It was supposed to the be lowest dose of the safest sedative and she had a stroke when I took her home. We had to put her to sleep because they didn’t think she would survive the drive to a specialty hospital for treatment but I would’ve driven an hour there just for her to have a chance. She was perfectly fine before her procedure. She was happy and energetic and just like that she’s gone. Two days ago she was doing her happy dance for dinner. She had been with my family for 12 years- since I was a little kid- and she was such a source of joy in our house. She was happy every second of her life except maybe at the end. She made cute piggy sounds when she would race her dog brother up the stairs every day, she snuggled in bed, sunbathed at the pool, and went on long stroller walked every day. Now It just doesn’t feel right to not see her following us around the house. I haven’t stopped crying since I got her to the vet yesterday and I just don’t know how this is ever going to feel normal for my piggy to not be here anymore. She was happy and fine two days ago and by some freak accident the sedative triggered a stroke. I’ve lost a dog to cancer before but I got to take him on a last walk, HAVW him sleep in my bed, and give him a cheese burger before we put him to sleep. With chi chi I didn’t get any time with her except while my co workers were trying to help her at the vet. I got 5 minutes of holding her oxygen mask on and I talked to her while I was holding it and she wagged her tail the whole time I talked to her. She knew I was there and I’m so grateful that she knew but I wish I had more time. I don’t know why this had to happen when she could’ve lived the rest of her life with us. 
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I'm so sorry about ChiChi. Losing someone you love so much is the worst pain there is. And losing her suddenly, I know, makes it that much harder. I lost my Minnie in a matter of hours. She collapsed, was bleeding out of her mouth, rushed her to the vet and never got to bring her home. It came out of nowhere. I didn't know my Minnie had cancer until it was too late. I know what you're going through and I'm glad you are here to get it out. Its helpful to know that everyone here is going through the same thing. I just wish none of us had to go through it. Please take care.
Linda L.
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