I lost my sweet Charlie last November. She was just a year old .. a 5 lb Morkie and was attacked by my neighbor’s dog..A Husky. I have a tremendous amount of guilt. My husband was also bit trying to save her from the attack. I was at work when he called me. I got home as fast as possible..she was still alive, in fact she wasn’t bleeding so I rushed my husband to the hospital. Eventually she did start bleeding. I feel guilty that I was at work and not there to protect her. I feel guilty that I didn’t check her husband only thought the dog had her by her head. I feel guilty that it took me 2 hours to get her to the hospital. If I had taken her right away she may still be here. I feel guilt and unbelievable sadness that she died alone in a cage. Turns out the dog had punctured her bladder. The worst part was when we went to see her after we got the call. I almost wish we hadn’t. I cannot get the image of her cold, stiff little body out of mind. I just want these feelings to go away so I can remember all the good times we had.
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Dear Alissa,

I am so, so sorry for the sudden loss of your gorgeous Charlie, such a beautiful photo of your sweet girl.

Hold the many cherished and treasured moments you and Charlie shared over the years to help your broken heart mend, but it does take time, grieving has no time limit, so there is no need to rush or push yourself.

Sending our most positive healing thoughts your way, may your heart always know and feel the beautiful love and light that is your adorable Charlie.

Sincerely, Don, Vera and forever our little Bella.

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