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Happy 14th Birthday Norm !!!

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Hope you had a wonderful day filled with lots of running through the snow and chasing tennis balls with all your friends, I bet little girl even put on her winter coat just to celebrate your special day.
You are so missed sweet boy, be sure to pay your loving, wonderful Mom a little visit when you get some time, her heart would love to feel your sweet, loving nudge.
Have fun sharing your cake with all your friends, and be sure to get your birthday hugs and kisses from our little girl.
Enjoy your special day sweet Norm. xo
Hi Heather, I am so sorry for being late for Norm's party, we have been having a heck of a time with our internet, I will text you later to try to connect.
I hope Tucker is doing well and is recovering from his surgery as planned, I bet he really enjoys his walks now, a higher view than usual.
Sending big hugs along with my warmest wishes for continued peace, strength and healing to your wonderful heart.
Your friend always, Don
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Happy 14th Birthday beautiful Norm!! 🎈🎉🎈
I hope that you enjoyed your special day with all of your friends! Maybe a cake with a 🎾 on top?! I think that would definitely be a hit! I’m sure that Bella, Bailey and all the Bridge gang made your day extra special sweet boy!! 💙 xox

My friend, Heather,
Thinking of you especially on Norm’s special day! I know that the day was bittersweet; remembering all of the wonderful, happy times and birthday celebrations you shared but also always that ache that we all carry in our hearts just wishing we could see them once more. I believe that someday we will.
Many hugs to you and sweet Tucker! Will be in touch!
MJ ❤️ xox
(& extra hugs from Charlie 🐶🤗)
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Awww....Happy 14th Birthday to Norm 🎂.  I’m sure the gang had a big party with every treat you can imagine...lots of ice cream too of course!  Heather, I hope you felt some Norm nudges that warmed your heart.

Sending you big hugs and wishes for special signs from your precious boy so you know he’s always close by.

Your friend, Dawn xxx

Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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Hi Heather - just wanted to pop by to wish handsome Norm a wonderful 14th birthday!   I know the day will have been full of mixed emotions for you - so many beautiful memories of Norm, but also the sadness that comes when we realise we would do anything to just see them once more....      I`m sure the Bridge gang will have had a big birthday bash for your boy - and I`m sure they will have enjoyed lots of games involving plenty of tennis balls, and maybe just a flurry of snow that Norm liked so very much...

                                                                                     Big Hugs to you and Tucker,     Jackie xx
J Taylor
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Hi Heather, I always enjoy coming to your sweet boy’s thread and admiring his absolutely beautiful photos, I can easily spend hours looking at his beautiful face and wonderful personality, I have come to know Norm’s face so personally, even down to that special “N” he has in his cheek. 
Never does a Friday go by that I don’t pause to think about your sweet Norm, the photos you have posted say so much, they tell of the many wonderful adventures that you and Norm shared, the beautiful trips you made together and the fun times that you and Norm, along with Tucker enjoyed over the years, I sincerely hope that the many, many memories that you and Norm shared helps with the healing process of your broken heart.
It is always so wonderful hearing from you and Tucker, I hope Tucker is doing well and on his way to a full recovery from his surgery, I’m sure he still likes to add a little sympathetic limp every now and again, after all who can resist peanut butter popsicles…..
Give Tucker big belly rubs for me, and always my warmest wishes to you my dear friend, may your wonderful heart always know and feel that beautiful light that is your beautiful Norm.
Your friend always, Don
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