On Friday Feb. 12, we lost our Sweet Baby Theo. He was our beloved 2 yr old, 6.5 lb Yorkie. Theo was so sweet and cuddly but could be such a little terror at the same time. He loved to steal cell phones, remote control's.. anything he could fit in his tiny little mouth. Once he got what he wanted he'd run under the sofa or our bed so we couldn't get to him. We called those places his "treasure chest's".. For some reason he loved to taunt my Mom when she came to town. He'd get into her purse and steal cash right from underneath her. You couldnt help but laugh. Theo was especially fond of me.. he was my absolute pride and joy. I loved him more than words can explain. He was constantly on my lap, or right at my feet. He also loved to sit on my shoulder.. I think he liked to be tall so he could see what was going on. He was a nosy little guy! In November, we had our first baby- I knew from the start that I needed to pay a lot of attention to Theo so he didn't feel lost in the mix. I was on maternity leave for 12 wks and Theo loved every minute of it. He loved having his mama home with him. We spent every minute of every day together while I was on leave. It was wonderful.. but I knew when I went back to work, he would have a harder time than even the baby.. but it had to be done. I started work on Monday Feb. 8th- I hated every second of being away from Theo and Stella. I would run out of the office at 3:30, pick up Stella and rush home to Theo. He was always right at the top of the stairs waiting for me. That Thurs. we went to bed and everything was great.. and Theo seemed totally normal. Fri morning we woke up and Theo had thrown up a few times.. we didn't think too much of it as he did that sometimes.. so we cleaned up, told him to feel better and that we loved him, and went to work. I thought of him through the morning and at lunch time my husband and I both thought we should run home to check on him. Neither one of us did- Biggest mistake of our lives. I got home that day at 4:30 and he wasn't at the top of the stairs like normal so I knew something was wrong. I called him and he didnt come. Then I started to panic. I found him laying on the floor, not moving, not responsive, eyes were open and he was breathing. His eyes did look at me.. but that was it. I scooped him up and rushed to the vet. His temp was down to 92 and his blood sugar in the 30s. They gave him something orally to raise his blood sugar. The Dr checked his gums and said they started to pink up a little, at that time Theo raised his head and looked at me, and set it back down. It was the only time I saw him move. The vet said they couldnt do anything more and to take him to the Animal Hospital. So we jumped in the car and away we went. On the way i told him repeatedly how much I loved him, and we were on our way to get him help.. and not to leave me. I noticed that he started to breathe harder.. when we got there, I picked him up and looked in his eyes and I knew he was gone. I ran in and said he's not breathing. The nurse checked him and said, Im sorry there is no heartbeat do you want us to do cpr it will cost $700.. I bursted into tears and said do it I dont care about the money. They did get him back for a bit but he just couldnt hold on.. and he was gone!! I have never been so upset in my entire life. They dont know what happened so are doing an atopsy. I have done some research now and Im convinced that he died of hypoglycemia. We think that when I went back to work, he was sad and wasn't eating as much.. his blood sugar dropped and it took his life. In my research I have learned that this so easily could have been avoided- and that is eating me up inside. I can name 15 different things I could have done differently that day that could have saved him.. and I dont know how to get past that. I let my Baby Theo down in the worst possible way. Now Im trying to find a way to feel normal again- my heart physically hurts.. I love you my sweet Baby Theo..and you will NEVER be forgotten. I know someday, you'll be waiting at the top of the stairs for me again!!
Love Mama
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Dear Theo's Mommy,
I am so very sorry for your loss of your darling little Theo.You are saying things that we say,and thinking things that we think after such a tragic quick loss.There is no time to even come to terms with an illness,I lost a Little Kitty just over 4 yrs ago very suddenly,and I thought and said the same things.We always blame ourselve's.I dont think any loving parent would'nt.Thoe you have done some research,please try not to jump to conclusions,you may find this was something completely different,something that no-one could have detected.Dogs I know can vomit with heart problems (dont know about Kittys) but please before you start to condemn yourselve wait until they find out. We all ask ourselves what we could have done differently,we go through the shoulda,coulda,woulda's.There is'nt a worse feeling I dont think,than the feeling of not being able to help someone we love so much,its a horrible feeling.Please try not to beat yourselve up,your baby Theo would'nt want his Mummy hurting like that.Try to talk about Theo,and do whatever it takes to get through each day.I hope that you will find some peace when you do get Theo's results,and I hope that healing will come for you in time.
Love and Light
Fairy Kisses for your precious Baby xxxxxx
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I think that guilt is something that hits us all b/c love and care so much for our fur babies. I completely understand how you feel. Its something that I've also been dealing with. The truth is that you will ALWAYS find something that you wish you could've done different no matter how devoted of a doggie parent you are, clearly you were really devoted to you precious Theo.  Dont beat yourself up anymore. Just be thankful for how much joy Theo brought into your lives. You also gave him so much love and you did everything you could for him. We dont understand why things happen in life but know that you were both blessed to have each other.  Theo is in a better place called heaven :)
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Your little Theo died about the same day and time my Poncho died. We are in the same place, and so are our babies.  It's the worst hurt and pain I have ever experienced...the loss of a dear pet. Poncho was a chihuahua and would have been 10 in December of this year.  Know you are not alone...we are ALL feeling the same.
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