I have thought about what I could write to you at this the 2 year anniversary of your leaving.

I feel so privileged to have shared your life for 14 years, to have loved you and been loved by you.  You know my sweet boy that each and everyday I told you how much I loved you.   My special, once in a lifetime one who could never be replaced.  Always in my heart and always missed.

Shanti,  I try not to be sad because I know you would not want me to but I think there will always be a heartache for the wonderful kitty that graced my life and is no longer here with me.

2 years my darling boy and today I am sending my love to you.  "I love you so"  " I love you everyday"  "I love you all day long"  words spoken time after time in your ear and now being sent to you today.

With Love,  Your Mom

Marlene Wagner
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Hi Marlene,

Sending my warmest and biggest wishes for such loving and beautiful memories of your handsome Shanti on the two years since he had to leave. May you find the many, many wonderful and fun loving times you and Shanti shared helps with the continued peace and healing for your heart and soul.
Marlene, I really enjoyed the letter you posted on Byron's behalf for his Mom, seriously brought a tear to my eye as it reminded me of the letters Bella left for Vera and our sons. You are one amazing person for posting that letter on Byron's behalf, such a great tribute and so wonderfully written.
I believe that Shanti would say the exact same words to you as well, that the life you two shared, the way you loved him and continue to love him still, will always be what he treasures the most, the bond you two built will forever be strong Marlene and I hope today you feel the strength and warmth of the love your precious Shanti surrounds you with. 
May you feel Shanti's love deep in your heart and may the love he sends bring the peace you so deserve.

You Friend Always, Don

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Hi Marlene, 

How are you doing, hope you are well, I sincerely hope you are finding each day brings a little more peace and healing to your heart and soul and that the many cherished and loving memories of your Shanti continues to bring a smile to your face as you recall all the fun and wonderful moments you shared.

May your feel your Shanti's love deep in your heart.

Your Friend Always, Don

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Hi again Marlene,

Too funny, I was just writing you when I see you were writing me......

July 13th, a day for us to celebrate.....each and every day, a lucky day (number) indeed for me at the casino, I am glad you enjoyed how Bella helped me win.

Talk to you soon Marlene and thank you so much for all your support, I truly, truly appreciate you and the friendship we have built...thank you.

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Hi Marlene

Thank you so much for remembering me, I too am very thankful for this forum and my friends here. I can't believe it's been two years for Shanti. I know it must feel like yesterday and I know how much you love and miss him. Like you, I have to be thankful for the time I had with my Scooter and again for my friends here.

Take care my friend,
Jonancy... Scooter's Mama
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*hugs* almost a year for my boy Cuddles - your words resonate with my soul. So much love. I try not to be sad too but Cuddles was my "special, once in a lifetime one who could never be replaced" too. Beautiful words.
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Dear Shanti's Mom,
What a lovely tribute to your baby. They are with you every moment, in your heart!
Today it has been 3 months since Shelby passed. The tears still flow. I talk to her all the time and hear her replies. She is helping me even more since she is in heaven.
Many Blessings to you!

Deborah, Shelbys Mommy

November 4, 2000-August 29, 2016
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