Yesterday I lost my beautiful three year old Sammie, suddenly. He was my first Siamese. 

im in shock  my five year old Willie was also lost just three years ago  My Ambie Emily Hope, and Sophie are also on the site  

I was just sitting here Thursday afternoon when I heard a scream  I rushed Sammie to the emergency hospital  His blood pressure, temperature, and blood cells were very low  

Over the next 15 hours, they had to put in a breathing tube, and he was in an oxygen cage  They did CPR three times, but he passed. 

i am totally overwhelmed and experiencing a total breach in faith  My three year old??

He was my little, sweet clown. So affectionate and intelligent  


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I am so sorry for your loss and the way it happened - so suddenly to a young cat.  It must have been so traumatic for you and my heart goes out to you.  I had to put my 19 year old tuxedo cat, Patch, down three weeks ago due to kidney failure.  That was extremely difficult - but at least I knew it was coming, although it still shook me to the core.  Cats are so good at hiding illness (it is instinctive) that many times by the time something happens it is too late.  There is nothing I can say except not to be hard on yourself - you did everything you could for him.  Take comfort in the love you gave to him.  

Hugs to you and bless you.  
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Than you, Julie. There was no sign of illness, nothing.

I hope I did the best I could.


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
Mahatma Ghandi

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I'm sorry for your loss. Sammie had beautiful eyes and I'm sorry that your years were cut short. The truth is we just don't know what can happen from day to day but try to comfort yourself knowing that you did try to take care of Sammie the best way that you could.
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I sure tried :’-(
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