I had to put Sadie down this morning, she was 17 and failing, didn't want her to suffer, I am just heartbroken.
Judith H Norcutt
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My 17 year old baby, Cuddles just passed away on Monday.  I was "lucky" in that she made the decision for me, but it's no better to watch your baby take her last breath naturally on the table in the vet's office than it is to see it as a result of an injection.

I am so, so sorry for your loss.  Today and definitely tomorrow are going to be horrible, so I'm glad you've sought support here.  This forum has been truly a godsend for me, and I know it will be a wonderful support for you too.

We are all here for you, Judith.  Please hang in there, and know your furry guardian angel is looking over your shoulder.
Rachel (Cuddles's mommy)
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Hi, Stargazer.....  This is Batmom......  You know our fur-kids tell us when they are ready to cross.  Although it is extremely hard to do, it is also one of the greatest gifts we can give them.  What I mean is, they expect that from you.  My Mistercat was with me for nearly 20 years and when he was ready, he told me. And know this:  They leave their physical bodies that is true, but their beautiful souls never leave you. Ever. I know this to be certain from deep experience and often they come back in other animals, like other pets, a new pet, and sometimes they go "in body" and "out body."  I know this may sound surreal, but it DOES happen.  
A lot of people on this site know my past heartbreaks with my Batcat.  If it will help you can read some of them.  
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Hi, I had to have my Missey put down on Sunday, am totally devastated and I just can't get past the guilt, did I do the right thing, should I have done more, but then on the other hand I know I did the right thing.

We've been together for 18 wonderful years, but over the last few weeks she stopped eating, she had asthma for years, was on an inhaler and was doing well, but the not eating and the severe loss of weight was just awful, I had her bloods tested last week and all organs were functioning well, so why was she vomiting with terrible diarrhoea with even the tiniest bit of food I spoon fed her, the vet said she was just old and time for her to go, he said it would be cruel if she went on not eating enough to sustain her life and would starve to death so I agreed but I have this terrible guilt, should I have insisted on more tests?

Got her ashes home today and thought that would give me comfort but it's just making me feel worse, the house is sooo empty without her, am totally heart broken.
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