I  am missing my sweet beagle Sadie, She went to the Rainbow Bridge 12/27/14. She was my best friend, my everything.
I 'm  talking to people on Rainbow, I have a tribute posted. I'm constantly thinking of Sadie, making a scrapbook, made a calendar for new year of my girl.  I'm just so upset, I sit at work every day, fighting the tears, trying to believe shes really gone.
The memory of that  horrible day , having to put her to sleep, seeing the life leave her eyes, and precious body, holding her afterward was a special memory, but also a sad burdon only I carry. I can't accept this has happened,and I  finally went and got the ashes,and the hurt is unbelievable. I know in time they say i will have more smiles than tears. As for  now I  find myself walking around this world all alone. I guess I never she would ever leave me in this life.

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I am so sorry for your loss of Sadie.  There's nothing I can say that will ease your pain because there is no quick fix for a broken heart.

I know the pain you are in.  Last February 3, I lost my beautiful Hannah.  I wanted to die...the pain was so great.  But the kind, good people here helped me out of the dark emotional hole I was in.

It takes time...the bold, blue quote at the bottom of my post is true.  There is light at the end of the dark tunnel, but when you love deeply, you grieve deeply.  That's the cost we must pay when we love our animal family members.  I miss Hannah so much, but I know my life is better for having had her in my life.

I'm sure you can say the same thing about Sadie.  Hang onto that thought because Sadie's gentle, loving spirit is in your heart.  You will carry it with you for as long as you live.

Again, I am so very sorry for your loss.  I understand.
Lee (Mack's and Hannah's and Heidi's and Janie's dad)

Fragile Circle

"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,
never fully understanding the necessary plan."

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I'm so sorry for your loss...this also,happened to me 8 days ago, Sam my beautiful baby boxer passed away unexpected and he had to,be euthanized, which was the hardest decision I had to make, I got his ashes too, he sits in front of the fire which was his favorite place to sleep... Our fur babies will always have a special place in our hearts we will never for them..

For me he was my best friend, I have cried everyday since it happened, I haven't been out of the house or eaten much at all, I'm so distraught..

Sending hugs your way

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I'm sorry you lost your girl.  The first few days, weeks, and even months can be really heart breaking.  Going back to work was hard for me as well.  Putting on that happy face is difficult when your a complete wreck on the inside. I also made a scrap book of my girls photos after I lost her.  It helped a lot and its a good reminder of the happy years we shared.  Its sad during the process of creating the book but when its done its very rewarding and nice to have something to look at.  What I find the hardest after the initial shock of losing her is how I am starting to forget what its like to have my girl snuggled up next to me. 

I felt the same way the moment I gave my vet permission to put my best friend to sleep.  Its the hardest decision we as pet parents will ever have to make.  Some people are able to understand and accept that it was the best decision to make and be ok with that.  Some like myself feel horrible guilt and sadness about doing it even if it was the best thing to do.  I knew deep down a day would come that my girl would go but I guess part of me thought I would be lucky and get her long term...silly thinking I know.  I'm saving up to get a nice locket with my girls photo in it something wear as a reminder shes still near...if your a jewelry person maybe this is something you might like? I also donated to a dog in a rescue that reminded me so much of my girl.  I do different things to honor my girls memory and in ways it makes me feel a little less sad.  Give yourself time to heal.  The first 2 months after I let my girl go were the worst.  I am now having happier days but I still think of my girl every day and miss her just as much as the day before. In time you will learn ways to handle your sadness we all never really leaves we just learn to live with it.  Just know Sadie is always near you in spirit. 
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Hi, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Sadie
It is so very difficult to deal with the new reality , along with guilt and what ifs when you have to make the decision to end their suffering
I went thru it also, lost the best friend I ever could ask for on Oct 28th
Unless you have suffered the loss of a beloved animal companion before there is no way of comprehending how utterly devasting and life changing it is.
It is easily the worst thing that's ever happened to me

I wish I could ease your pain some but unfortunately there is no easy answer, as everyone here says , the greater the love , the greater the loss

I posted a poem yesterday , called A Pets Plea, that a friend sent to me right after I lost my boy, Byron . I was traumatized over the whole event but it was compounded by having to make the decision to let him go. When I am rational and recollect the condition he was in , I know that I did the only thing I could
Put him before myself, prolonging his demise would have been for me and not in his best interest

The kind woman who sent it by the way is one of the few people in my life that understands my loss
She rescued a pregnant cat 16 years ago and one of those kittens was the greatest gift I ever received , my Byron
I will be eternally grateful for the time I had, though it was way too short

Sorry if I am rambling , I just wanted to let you know that others understand what you are going through and care
The poem , though it made me cry made me feel a little better about what I had to do. When I start second guessing which happens frequently, I re read the poem

Take care,

Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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