I have wonderful family but not one of them visited my Babie J's memorial at the Rainbow Bridge. Babie J rescued me after the loss of my Husband 7 years ago. She was always at my side since the day I recused her. She was the love of my life. It really hurts because they all know what she meant to me. I am blessed to have many friends who have also lost their fur babies and they are  a great support.
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She was a cutie...so precious.
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I am truly sorry that your immediate family did not visit babiej's memorial at the Rainbow Bridge. You were hurt by this insensitive snub - and I don't blame you one bit. For those of us who have been on this Forum for more than (6) months, it has been a recurring theme of people posting that their relatives don't seem to care. They seem to marginalize our feelings and think that we should snap right out of this dilemma and move on. They are very wrong. It's imperative to properly memorialize our pet's importance in our everyday lives. Then and only then can we move forward on our healing journey. In the meantime, some of your family members may surprise you and come to the realization that babiej  was the most important thing in your life. When that happens, they may visit her memorial. Give them so time. They just might come around.  

Warmest regards,
Jim Miller
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Dear Linda,

Ohhh I am sorry to hear that sweetheart. And I am very sorry and saddened to learn of your loss of your beloved "Babie J." She was truly adorable as that delightful photo you shared with us shows.

I too did not have complete understanding from those around me when my boy departed this World. I think they had just grown tired of seeing or hearing about my grief and my loss. And/or they didn't know what to say. And/or they didn't really know how to deal with death themselves or were afraid. So I came here to this forum to try and express my feelings and seek support. And I found very caring, loving, understanding, compassionate and kind souls and have returned again and again.

Evidently another reason why we don't always get the full understanding we need when we are grieving is many, many people have never really or fully bonded with a pet. They've never had a "Spirit Animal" as the Native American's have called them. So sadly they will never know such pure, unconditional, non-judgemental love. And that is truly THIER loss. We have all been blessed to have encountered and known such a love as what we were provided by our beloved's.

We understand here exactly what you are going through. And we honor your beloved Babie J. And now we will remember her too!  Thank you for sharing some of her story with us.  : )

We are with you in comradeship and your girl is with you in spirit. Always...

All my kindest regards & sincerest condolences,
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So sorry, @missingbabiej2020  Relatives and frends don't always see the spiritual connection we have with our dear ones. They don't "get it" 100% because they can't see our hearts, and see the lights in there that our loved ones brought us. That is our own special sacred space.

But I am sorry you don't even get any understanding from them. At least we here all do know what it's like. Kindest thoughts to you and your Babie J. Such a special loving Soul.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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Thank You everyone for all your kind words and support. I don't know what I do without all the love and kindness that is shared by everyone who has lost a fur baby. God Bless your all and to your fur babies at the Rainbow Bridge.
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What a sweet girl indeed Baby J was!  It is a great picture of the two of you.

It seems that people who are not really "animal" people understand the depth of loss each of us feels when losing one of our fur babies.  Throughout the years, I have lost eight, and each one still has a piece of my heart.  Our animals are innocent and love us just the way we are, unlike so many of our own species. 

 On July 11, 2020, I unexpectedly lost my cat, DD.  He was like a dog; he followed me everywhere in the house!  Shortly before he died, I was looking in his eyes and thinking how truly fortunate I was to have him in my life.  So the pain of loss is still fresh in my heart.

Until you and Baby J meet at the Rainbow Bridge, please take care. 

Peace and Comfort,

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Dear DD's Mom,

Thank you for kind words and support. I am so sorry for you loss. God Bless You
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Your fur baby is super adorable .  Keep visiting this site as we are all in this together .  Don’t expect much from your family and you won’t be disappointed.  They may visit and not let you know Just not to upset you. I miss my Hollie so so much.
 I suffer her loss more than some family members .  My routine is gone and I feel lost without her.  With my children out of the house the past 10 years I was super devoted to my almost 15 year old dog every single day. I know the sadness and depression you feel.  As I’m told we are grieving and it’s a process .  I miss her so so much.  Keep visiting this site as it does offer comfort at times. Stay strong and cherish forever memories.
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Dear Roe, Thanks so much for your support. I am so sorry for your loss of Hollie. Babie J and I were together 24/7 as I am retired. I rescued her a year after my Husband died and I know she rescued me. She was my canine soulmate. She went everywhere with me as she was an emotional support dog. The house is so empty without her but I know we will be together again at the Rainbow Bridge. God Bless
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