On December 19th 2019 My husband took our 2yr old English Bulldog to the vet for a skin irritation and I never thought it would be his last day with us. Biggs got really worked up about being at the vet's office, he started breathing really hard and when the doctor came in the room he said, he's a little worked up let me give him a little oxygen so we did as we've had to do before. The next thing I know, they came in and told us they needed to transfer him to another hospital because he needs a better option for oxygen than what they could offer him. So we had him transported and they ended up having to give him a breathing tube and assist him with breathing. I am devastated at this point because I should have went back out of the vet's office when he got aggravated. The next thing I know, the doctor tells us he's no longer able to breathe on his own and I told them to keep trying
About 4 hours later, there was no improvement and he had a fever of 106. I feel like this is all my fault because I should have just taken him back home. He brought so much joy to us and our family. I can't believe he's gone
I can't stop crying and blaming myself for his death.
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I’m so sorry for the loss of your very young companion. There’s no way you could’ve known things would work out the way they did. You were trying to do good by getting his skin checked out. It’s obvious you cared for him very much. What happened was an unpredictable tragedy. I hope in time you will realize it was in no way your fault. You didn’t and couldn’t have known what would happen. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss.
Take care
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