It’s been about a little over a year when I received a call that my pitbulls attacked my sweet little cat. I’ve had her longer and when I found out I was on vacation and devastated. Even now when I think of her or see pics I automatically cry. I don’t ever think I can even get another cat. It wouldn’t feel the same.
we decided to keep the dogs and they are so sweet with us and people but when I think of her or even when I see them play with their toys I think about what they did to her... 
I feel bad that sometimes I don’t want to be around them when I think of her... I just loved her so much and still so 🙁
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That is so sad. You love the dogs but you resent so much them killing your cat.  Every time you see the dogs you are reminded of what they did. I don't know how I would deal with that. I hope you can find a way to stop resenting the dogs, it is in their nature to chase and attack prey, that is what they do. Just so sad your cat had to be on the receiving end. 
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So sorry. There are many breeds that will kill cats sadly.

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