Another day without my baby.  It is so hard as all of you know. Its Christmas but there is no joy in our home. She was such a happy little dog, she would not want me to be sad. I just miss her so much.  The others need me so I need to be strong.  This pain is so bad. The meds made her so groogy, it is wrong to want her back like she was. Its just so hard to let her go. I just feel like I should have done more or that I didn't do good for her. I loved her so much I just wanted to protect her. We are all here because we have such a great loss.  I love you Peaches.  
Sue Martin
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 Just to let you know I understand the void and loss you feel. My wife and I lost Jayda, our loved dog for 10 years, back in early November and it has been very difficult for me over the holidays. The daily reminders are the most difficult with me. With faith in our Lord and in prayer, ask Him that your desire would be to see you pet again when our time is called from this Earth.
 With prayers,
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