We adopted a parakeet named petey a few years ago. He was slow to trust me but after working with him for a while he started showing off his shining personality. I worked really hard on this relationship for a long time... a few months ago I decided I couldn’t give him enough of my time and wanted to give him a brother. I did my research and got him a bigger cage and new fun toys. I was so excited and he loved his new environment. So we took the plunge and got him a partner a couple weeks ago. They’ve been quarantined in different living spaces until I can be sure new guy is healthy. Today I came home from work and our first bird petey was dead at the bottom of his cage... I don’t know what happened. I feel so guilty, like it was my fault. And I tried so hard. I just did all these things trying to give him a better life and he died. Is it my fault? Has anyone else had this happen?
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I’m so sorry for your loss.  I’ve had parakeets and cockatiels for many years.  You took the precaution of quarantining them which is the right thing to do so I don’t think you did anything wrong.  I once had a cockatiel who acted perfectly normal yet I found him dead in the cage one morning.  No warning.  Birds hide their illness so well that sometimes you can’t really foresee this happening.  I can tell you loved petey and did your best by him. I’ve tamed parakeets before and know how wonderful it is when they blossom; remember that is a gift you gave him.

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