3.5 months ago I lost my beautiful sweet baby EQ to cancer.  It was the worst day of my life, and I am still not fully healed yet.

11 days after her passing, I adopted a beautiful 4 year old maine coon from our local anti-cruelty society.  I knew it was very soon after EQ's passing, but I really missed having a female cat in the house.  We have an 8 year old maine coon who typically spends his days in the opposite side of the house, and I needed a cat that hung out with ME, like EQ did.

Tinkie touched my heart from the minute they passed her to me at the shelter.  She was so small and so afraid.  I fell in love with her instantly. She weighed only 5.75 pounds.  I loved on her for a full hour before my husband showed up at the shelter, and he was a little freaked out when I proclaimed "I want her.  I love her!".  He was still hesitant, but trusted my judgement, so we proceeded with the adoption and took her home that night.

It took a few days of adjusting to her new environment and her new big brother, but eventually, she blended in like she'd been there her whole life. She began following me around and we nicknamed her my "shadow'.  

We started to notice that she was developing bad breath, had been doing some lip-smacking and ear twitching and then chronic sneezing, so we took her to our vet.  We were anticipating that she had an upper respiratory infection from the shelter, and initially were given antibiotics.  However, during the exam, they discovered that Tinkie had a severely rotten tooth that needed to be extracted.  We made arrangements and it was extracted on 3/8/13.  

After the surgery, she did great.  She was eating fine and running around like the happiest cat in the world (presumably because she felt better).  We thought things were great...until we got the call from the vet tonight.

Apparently they sent in tissue from her mouth after the extraction and the histopathology report indicates that she has a malignancy in her mouth.  Without further testing they are not sure what type of cancer it is, but whatever it is, it's not curable.  

We talked about different treatments, including aggressive surgery removing part of her jaw, and radiation, as well as more conservative treatments.

We asked the vet, point blank, what she would do.  She recommended a more conservative treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to hopefully slow down the growth of the tumor, so that is what we are going to do.

The point of the this big whole rant (and thank you if you took the time to read the whole thing) is that we just lost a precious baby 3.5 months ago, and now we are being told that  our new family member is terminally ill as well. We were told that she has a few months to a year left...and she's only 4.

Our hearts are so broken right now...you don't even know.  

I've attached a few pictures of Tinkie.  Please pray for her.
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Oh, she is so beautiful.  I wish you the best.  All you can do is love her and cherish her until it is time for her to go.  Unfortunately, we sign up for that heartbreak when we bring them.

All you can do is love her and do the best you can.  She is so lucky, she found a forever home and will have someone that loves her for the rest of her life.  Try to be strong, I know this is unfair for you.

I just lost my best friend, a 15 year old cat named Snuffy 4 days ago.  I  cry everyday, but know that eventually the pain will pass, and I won't regret one moment I had with him.
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I just lost my Rascal to cancer.  My grieving led me to this site.  I have had cats most of my life, but this was the first one that had cancer.  This was a punch to the gut, because it happened so quickly.  Sadysue is right about the commitment including the heartbreak part; so I'm reaching out so that we can hurt together until the good memories start to pierce the misery. 
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what a gorgeous girl! My Teddy bear looked like that although he was not a mane coon. I lost him 5 days ago, he was 8 months old and had Feline Infectious Peritonitis. There is no cure. All you can do is love her and cherish her and spoil her rotten! Good Luck
</3 Momma of Teddy Bear
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Terrible to know you will lose another baby to cancer. But wonderful that you saved her from certain death in sad lonely environment.
Love is eternal....
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