Picking his ashes up from the vet today hurt as much as when he died. How is that even possible?
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Dear Vanessa,

To be honest, I actually felt relief, after picking up "Marmalade's" ashes. I just wanted him back where he lived with me. I have his ashes and his paw prints pressed in plaster, on display on my nightstand. Each morning I say "Good Morning" to him and each evening I speak to his ashes and tell him how my day went and I then say "Goodnight" to him, before falling asleep. And I sometimes touch base with him and say "hello" if stopping by during the day with him. I know how it strange that sounds, but it is comforting. I still feel his presence where we lived. It's odd, but again, reassuring.

When I first picked the ashes up from the Animal Hospital, I just wanted to get it over with, I wasn't expecting any feelings or emotions whatsoever. I walked there to the hospital, as it is only around 7 or 8 blocks away from the warehouse where Marmalade and I lived. It was a beautiful, breezy, summer day.

When I picked up the ashes (in a small, locked cedar box) in a plain, white paper bag, I held them to my chest as I walked back to the warehouse and all of the sudden there was an energy against my chest, where I was holding the ashes. It grew and grew until I almost reluctantly found myself smiling. The energy felt like pure love. I am 100% positive this was not my imagination. I was very calm, lucid & focused. 

By the time I got home, the energy was so strong it felt like it was almost going to lift me off of my feet. Like I was going to levitate. I'm sure my lad was glad to be home again, he did not like that Animal Hospital in the slightest. I hope you find some comfort in having the ashes back of your beloved too. 

Kind regards,
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You are the kindest, sweetest soul. Thank you. My baby is home with me now. You are right. I just didnt think it would hit me so hard.

Thank you again
Vanessa Abello
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