I had the most devastating experience putting my most beloved cat to sleep. She was a feral cat that I fed and took care of. After 7 years, she became friendly and I took her home and she loved being an indoor kitty. She became my most beloved and precious kitty i had ever had. She showered me with love and I loved her back. We had 4 beautiful years together. Then she got sick..
When the vet told me she had a neurological disease that was incurable, I was devastated. It was if my life was ending. It's been 2 and half months since i had to put her to sleep and I'm not ok. I cry all the time, it hurts so much.
I pray God to help me, but it will be on His time I guess.
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I am sorry for your loss of your precious kitty. I'm sure it was very special when your outdoor cat became friendly and transitioned to an indoor kitty. Clearly you loved her very much to care for her for 7 years outside and then 4 years inside. She was a very lucky cat to have you in her life.

My condolences,
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I am so very sorry.  But thank your for taking care of a feral and giving her a loving home.  I know your pain all to well.  We all do.  I pray that it eases in time.  
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Dear Terri,

I am very sorry too to learn of your recent loss. I also adopted a feral cat (not sure if he was a stray at one point or not). He was believed to be around 9 years old when we met and I knew him for 4.2 years. We met in the high desert county of New Mexico. His name was "Marmalade." He too enjoyed finally becoming an indoor kitty.

My boy also became very ill and I felt I had to put him down, and yes, a part of me died with him. I had surrendered my heart to him and when he departed he took it with him. He was my best friend, my comrade in arms, my brother, my son, my only remaining family, my light and my love.

This Thursday it will have been 12 weeks since he passed away. And once again today, I began to cry. Please know that you are not alone Terri. We are all with you.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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