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Hi Silvia,
Popping in to say hi and hoping this finds you doing well and enjoying the beauty of fall. I was visiting and looking through Max's thread, (again), enjoying the photos of your precious, handsome boy, many of those photos touched my heart with a soft warmth, some made me smile as I enjoy seeing Max and the many, wonderful moments you and he shared, but I really love this photo of you and Max, the two of you walking along while sharing a beautiful conversation, the look on Max's face tells me that he is definitely interested in what you are saying, I just love the closeness that this photo shows, it tells a beautiful story (or many stories) of you and Max. I see the gentleness in Max's face, I feel as if I am seeing not just his adorable face, but that I can feel his loving spirit when I look at him, I see that beautiful bond that you and Max share, a bond so strong that at times words don't even need to be spoken.
Speaking of beautiful things, I see that you have left some gorgeous flowers while visiting other threads, I always enjoy seeing the flowers you post, there is something peaceful, while seeing such natural beauty, I remember so well the one you posted of the bee as it was approaching the flower, you captured a gorgeous moment that I am thankful you shared with us here.
While I may not visit this beautiful forum as much I used to, always know that you and your sweet, handsome Max are never far from my thoughts, I always enjoy coming here and visiting Max's thread, thank you for sharing your handsome boy with us.
Sending my warmest wishes for your heart to always know and feel the love and light that your Max continues to surround you with, may you always feel the warmth of your handsome boy's loving spirit.
Your friend always, Don 
(I still owe you an email response.)

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Hi Silvia,
Thank you so much for your kind reply and beautiful flower on Bailey’s 4th Angelversary.
I do remember so often just looking at him and thinking he was like a beautiful stuffed toy but he had such an amazing heart and he taught me so much about life and how to enjoy even the smallest things. Silvia, I think we all lived a beautiful dream while our babies were here with us and it’s very different and very difficult to go on without them but all all of the beautiful memories will always remain. You have shared so many o those wonderful memories of Max here on the forum and it’s as if we know him and love him too! I hope that as time goes by all of the good times you shared with your golden boy will stay more in the forefront for you.
Sending hugs and a wish for peace,
MJ 🤗
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Don and MJ,

Thank you so much for posting such lovely  words on Max's thread. Well yes, I have to clear this page from all the dust  -  I know I have not written in a long time.

Not that I do not miss my beloved Onliest, and not that you guys are not in my thoughts ever so often along with quite a few other old friends in this forum, and yes, I do smile at the thought of our quite large "rainbow-gang" (one of the sweet miracles is that I am never alone when I walk about as "the gang" is with me)

... the thing is I have no clue what else to say in this thread where I wanted to present my Onliest, my soul mate, my beloved one. I was my intention to share the most wonderful times we lived, all the joy and fun, all the love and all the sadness and pain that I could not seem to overcome then and there.  I do feel that everything has been said .... and I hate to repeat myself constantly.

Year Number two is almost done, even grey rainy and lousy cold November is on its way into the past. Max's favored month of course, mud all over along with cold water from all sides, lol.

Like MJ wrote in her thread, it does feel like some beautiful dream thinking back and I sometimes wonder how I could love November then and there but I did for many and quite obvious reasons when I look at all the funny mud pics I posted of mud loving Max in this thread.

I should also tell that I do not hang around sad but I do try to get the very best from each and every day and that there is good hope for every new soul arriving here in this precious forum thinking that there is none.

After Istanbul we decided for Rome, this beautiful ancient city - and hey, it was gorgeous.


There are many dogs in Rome, mostly tiny ones nicly kept on the leash and I did watch their owners taking them for walks every early morning when life awoke in the narrow street where we stayed. Most of them knew one another and most probabely met on a daily basis. Happy little dogs whom I got to know a bit as time went.

Of course there was pasta galore with all kinds of delicious sauce and I am quite sure that Max would have walked all the way to Rome for just this sensation...

Big fat hugs


Don, you wrote: "..the look on Max's face tells me that he is definitely interested in what you are saying...." Hm.... the truth is... he is definitely interested in the special sausage pieces I have in the little green box that I hold in my hands.... 

Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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Thinking of you, and Max, today from across the pond.
i hope your Holidays had a born again sparkle,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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Hi Silvia,

I smiled at how you mentioned the sausage held Max's attention, but I'm sure he is listening to every word his wonderful Mom is saying, after all there may be treats for doing so, such a smart boy your Max.

Silvia, your trip to Rome sounds so beautiful, and no matter where you go, I think it is safe to say your Max travels with you still, his beautiful, loving spirit guides you as you visit these wonderful cities and sites, I bet Max even travels first class with endless sausage and pears to snack on while traveling.

Sorry I am late in honouring Max and his two year Angelversary, but always know that you and Max are never far from my thoughts, I enjoy seeing his photos and especially reading about the wonderful adventures you and Max shared, thank you for sharing your precious Max with us here.

I post these pear candles in honour of your handsome Max. May your heart always feel his warmth, his love and especially those soft hugs no matter where you are.

Your friend always, Don

[hundi]   Image result for pear candle photos  
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Hi Silvia,
I am so happy that you’re enjoying your travels and I know that you carry your beloved Max always with you in your heart. You’ve done an amazing job of sharing him with us. I feel that I’ve gotten to know and love Max through all of your beautiful posts and pictures on his thread. So many fun and wonderful memories and yes, the sadness too. I will always remember when you wrote about your old child and how you were trying to make a deal with God. I think we’ve all felt that terrible desperation of having to face the unthinkable; saying good bye to our beautiful friends.
I’m so sorry I missed Max’s 2 year Angelversary. I know that he is at peace and is so proud of how lovingly his Mom has portrayed him here on the forum. I also know that he is so happy and grateful for the amazing life you shared together: “the beautiful dream!”

Hugs my friend!
MJ ❤️
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Hi Silvia, somehow I missed Max's two-year angleversary. Things have been so busy here, but my good friend Don helped me get to this post. I have so enjoyed all your post over the years, your stories of you and Max, the adventures, the little village, the pears, the mud, the beautiful days spent together, all these things have brought so many smiles and warmth to my heart over the two years. You are never very far from my mind and heart, you have such a beautiful spirit about you and I am thankful, as so many of us here, to 'know' you and the magnificent Max. Thank you for sharing so much of his life with us here, it is an honor for all of us to know this wonderful angel Max. Blessings to you for supporting so many here and blessings for a beautiful year to come.

I'm so envious of your travels, among other things. Take care my friend, you will always be near my heart as Max is always near you.

your friends, Charlie and Deborah
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Now here it is....


the sausage of the sausages. We call it 'Fleischwurst" and it can be eaten just like it is, maybe garnished with some mustard - it can be cooked - it can be fried with some pasta and cheese, or goes very well with some potatoe salad...

And... it is or was Max's favored sausage. Yes, Don, the one in the tiny green box, lol.

And every weekend when my husband and I celebrated our breakfast, Max watched the breakfast table hypnotizing "his" sausage.

After a while, tiny drops formed in both eges of his mouth like drops of dew falling down to the ground. First very slowly........... drop............drop..........drop - then faster ... drop.drop.drop ending in some kind of staccato and a lake formed on the ground floor. Then the consistence of the drops changed, more firm but still very flexible and two long spaghetti threads made it slowly all the way from the mouth corners to the ground floor....

This was the moment where you would start feeling uneasy and as the spaghetti transferred into macaroni you could no longer deny this tremendous feeling of guilt that you ... yes you... were eating your dog's favored sausage whilst he was starving to death. Now where is the mercy..... where is the love???

We never really finished our breakfast without feeling forced to end this "fiasco".

Needless to say that our breakfast now is certainly not the same anymore....


My dearest friends, Lynn, Don, MJ, Charlie and Deborah,

I thank  you so much for your loving words for Max's second angelversary. Two years have disappeared somehow and I sometimes wonder where they went to.  Just imagine that I honestly thought that this Christmas was the first Christmas without my beloved Max but it had already been the second Christmas without him. I was not able to recall how the first one without him really was. Many moments in 2018 are kind of blurry and I guess I might have been trapped in a time bubble with my Max whilst reality just passed me. Grief and pain can do amazing things in the time continuum, lol.

I know I am not here so often anymore and one fine day my thread will be somewhere on page 503 together with so many other threads - I know that because I read them all when I discovered this lovely forum. It makes me very proud to be a tiny part in something very great.

Ever so often are you on my mind together with so many other old friends - many who do not write here anymore but none of them is ever forgotten. You all live in my heart. You know some things about the way I feel that even my best 3D friends have no clue of.

It is such a pleasure to hear from you and I sincerely hope that all of you have found a way to live your lives in joy and happiness. With art, gardens, flowers, birds and the wonders that we all get to see and witness in fact on a daily basis if we so wish. I strongly believe that the loss of a soul mate is meant to have us open our eyes even more and be open for the ever changing. Nothing is constant but the time continuum allows us to travel back and forth.

A few of Max's old dog-friends have left meanwhile and some are getting ready to do so. It is sad but it is also just the way it is meant to be. And I do greet the new kids on da block, lol.  As I am aging myself I guess I have a better understanding about this mystery of what life is all about even tho I do confess that what we call 'wisdom' has not really reached me as of yet....

By the way: Max and I are still out there in our territories on a daily basis. And we of course still talk as such a bond lasts forever.

Many many hugs and all my best wishes go out to you. A new year lies open there before us, let's write the first pages....

Your friend


Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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Hi Silvia!  And Happy New Year!  I was so happy to see you on the forum again.  I know that I haven't been on in forever, but life happens and boy has it been happening.  Time has just been flying by.  Here we are at the two year mark for many of us.  I am so sorry that I missed the two year anniversary of Max's passing and the opportunity to offer some words of comfort.  I seem to often be at a loss when it comes to the right words to say.  I missed reading about Max's antics so it was great to read about the sausage and the breakfast ritual. 
I think of you often, particularly when I look at my front garden and the elephant ears.  They managed to survive last winter and are still doing well this winter.  Of course my winters here in Texas are not really winters at all, in comparison to what you are used to on your side of the pond.  I have been laying low with the Spree.  Mainly because my constant state of dieting cannot survive my indulgence.  So they are banned from my house.  I am in the middle of working from home right now.  I had a bad lupus flare this past September so I get to work from home 2 days a week, which has really helped with my stress level.  I'm hoping that 2020 will be a better year. 
Well, take care of yourself.  I send you many hugs and lots of love!  I will try to be better about checking in.

Kindest regards,

Marina ~ Mitookie's Mom
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I am so so sorry I missed the two year angel versary of sweet Max. I just showed hubby photo of Max for first time. He said "What a handsome dog!" I hear you when you write "Oh how time goes so fast"  I just am awed by your description and photo ha ha of the sausage and how Max so wanted this also for breakfast. Thank you again for sharing your Max with us.

Hugs and love,
Missing and loving Scooter Forever
- Melissa
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Dear Silvia friend, 

I wish I hadn't missed visiting your and Max's page when his angelversary rolled around. I've been entirely neglectful of connecting here. It's not been by design and intention, though. These mile markers can be really tough and I hope the day passed as gently as possible. Along with the first part of this New Year, which has seemed to speed along like a fast train, so far. 

Every time you write about Max, I feel like I know him a little better and love him more. If I feel that as a virtual bystander, someone who cares about you and your journey but never met Max, I can only imagine the degree of love you feel for him, having companioned with him all those years. (Not nearly enough years, I realize.)  His personality is just enormous, what a character!  Boy, oh boy, did he anticipate his sausage breakfast! And by the way, fleischwurst sounds very versatile and most yummy!

I'm not at all surprised at the way 2018 turned into a blur, including that first holiday. Emotions were still so raw at that point and perhaps it's best not being able to recall too much now that there's a bit of distance from that point. 

You express yourself so beautifully. All your friends here admire you greatly for that skill. Between the photos you've shared and the word pictures you draw, you've made Max so real to us all and allowed us to delight in him with you. There's real joy in that. 

Hope things are going ever-so-well in your world!  Sending hugs plus a few more hugs for good measure along with these words.

-Missing Marissa deeply
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