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It's been only two weeks tomorrow and it still feels like so confusing and frustrating to be here without you. I searched for old photos and remembered all the years we had together. I still feel we should have had more time together. You were not so critical, what happened only for a day...
One year you were on our charity calendar. Now I cut your big photo and framed it. I look at it and try not to forget all the mistakes I made, all the times I put you second but also all the great memories we had.
Do you still exist somewhere? Is there a life for you, our pets, after death? If there is not, that will make no sense at all.
I wish I could dream about you so that I can accept this as a sign from you.
I hope you are still somewhere there and we meet again.
Till then, my perfect beautiful friend.
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Dear Chiron,

I am sorry for how you are still coping with your grief. I concur. It so confusing and frustrating to be without our lost beloved's. Thank you for sharing that delightful photo image of  your Koko. He was beautiful and he was perfect. It is so silly how cat's hide like that. As if we can't see them. It is those little, sweet quirks as you know, that are so endearing and memorable. 

Same here. My Marmalade was hanging on and not so critical. He was weak but still strong in other ways it seemed. But I felt the sands in the hourglass were running out and didn't know when he was going to take a turn for the worse. I felt I had to try and head off any more pain & suffering at the pass, before it arrived and hurt him.

I believe dream signs do occur, but we need to go Zen on them and just allow them to happen when they do. Like sound signs. My Marmalade meowed again last night. Just one single meow in the very early morning hours. Once I could feel him gently walking across where we used to sleep.

Kind regards,

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Thank you for the support, James.
I know we all feel the same here.
Many blessings to all of you here!
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