Two days ago we put to sleep our 17 year old Bichon Frise, Oreo. I knew his time was coming up, mainly because of his age, midnight wandering/whining, loosing sight, loosing the strength in his back legs and other small things. Oreo had many physical challenges in his life, ear infection, a lot, skin issues, fatty tumors, surgeries, but, he was the strong and pulled though them, he had a great will to live and was always loving and sweet. 
Two days ago he took a turn for the worse, in the morning when we woke up he seemed like his neck was weak on right side and his eye movement was twitching, he would go around in small circles and just fall over, he wouldn't eat or drink and didn't seem aware of us. 
Took him to our vet and they suggested he had a stroke or seizure The vet recommend putting him to sleep because of his quality of life, or take him home with pain meds.
Me, being the selfish person I am, was not ready to let him go, even though I knew in my heart I should.
Took him home, and within a few was much worse and just whining, almost screaming.
Of course by then we had to go to the emergency vet, they told me only one person could be with him in the end, or we could go around the back vet entrance and we could all be with him.
We had to stand in the alley while the vet came out and put my innocent baby down, because of the Corona virus.
It was one of the worst experiences in our lives.
I can only remember the fear in his eyes and his screams. 
Please forgive me Oreo.
If you're thinking about putting your sweet dog to sleep, only think of your dog.
Thanks for this forum to express my grief🙏
cathleen Goursau
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet Oreo. Clearly Oreo was very much loved and had a long, wonderful life. The vet gave you the option of taking him home with pain meds. Many of us would make the same decision to have more time with our beloved pet.

I hope in time thoughts of Oreo can bring you a little smile instead of grief and guilt. I know Oreo would want you to remember the good times.

My condolences,
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Thank you for your caring words.
cathleen Goursau
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So sorry for the loss of your sweet Oreo. What a lucky boy to have such a loving momma as you! My kitty passed last month and she was 20 years old. No matter how old they's never enough time. Take care.
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I’m so sorry for your loss.  Oreo is in a good place.   We had to make the same decision yesterday, our Lilo was 1 month and 5 days away from turning 17.  We were also being selfish and took her home with us but we could see that she wasn’t her own usual self.  I did cherish the hours we got to spend with her at home.  We miss her so much and our hearts are broken.  
Forever in our heart Lilo, Onyx, and Lola
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