Yesterday I lost 2 pets.. My kitten Lily was Killed by my dog Jasmine.. We think it was an accident.. Then my roommate(ex Fiance) made the decision to put our dog Jasmine to sleep... She had been acting very strange and had bitten my nephews ear and started to nip at people.. We were afraid that she would attack and harm someone bad.. It's still a devasting loss to me as I am the one that had been caring for them both.. They left behind.. I sister(Dog sister from same liter) Princess and a sister (My other cat) Precious.. I hope my lost babys are ok and  not afraid anymore.. Mommie misses you both

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I am so very sorry for your tragic loss.  It has to be devastating to have lost two furbabies practically at once.  I'm sorry to hear about Lily and Jasmine both.  I know it is so shocking too and the grief is so strong and new.  I feel so bad for you having to bear such a burden of grief on you.

We're here for you to help you ease the burden.  I know, personally, how hard it is to cope with such an unexpected tragic loss.  I'm sorry to see you going through a painful time too. 

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Dear MsKitty,

I just finished reading your post.  Saying I'm sorry for your loss is an understatement.  Words of comfort seem inadequate for the tremendous grief you are experiencing now.  The loss of two dear friends on the same day is most surely mind numbing.

What I do know for sure MsKitty is you are in shock.  Emotionally & physically in shock.  Pls treat yourself gently.

Tho' miles may separate us, loss of dearly loved ones unite us.

My wish is that you are surrounded by friends/family who care and understand.  No matter, I offer a hand to steady you and an ear to listen.  Pls visit here again.  I/we care.  I/We offer you help should you desire it. 

I will be thinking of you MsKitty,
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal;
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

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my heart is breaking for u and i read yr post with tears of sadness for u rolling down my face. saying im so sorry, as regina has said, is simply not enough to ease any hurt. but WE r all here to offer u comfort, support, an ear, and where u can safely vent, cry and grieve. im understanding of the way u lost lily, as my husbands dog murdered my cat, however his dog is still in the yard alive..... i cant even look at it anymore.
please know that yr in my thoughts and prayers.
love, light and healing,
erika xoxo 
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