I only had Luke a year it's hard to believe he is gone. He was such a fighter he was just diagnosed with FIP Wednesday that how fast this virus is. He fought to the end to stay Sat. night he tried so hard to eat and drink I knew it was time. Luke always thought he was a dog he would use the potty pad I put down for my senior dog I couldn't believe he was doing that. He was so smart and in the middle of the night climb on top of my head to sleep. Sometimes you get a cat that is so unique and that was Luke. I told him to look for smokey and boo boo that passed before him he'll hav someone to play with. He is so missed
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I wake up a lot looking for my Timber but not there. Sorry you lost your Luke. I hate that so many illnesses hit our babies and you feel so helpless. My cat acted like a dog a lot too. Miss him so much too. May all our hearts heal here.
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A very sweet and touching post for your angel Luke. It still amazes me how fast we can fall in love and create that special bond. One year is such a short time but you obviously gave Luke all the love you could and he returned it even more. I'm so sorry, you have my blessings through this difficult period. Luke is still by your side, he is always in your heart and soul until you are reunited once again. Prayers and hugs.
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My deepest condolences on the loss of your Luke. He sounds like a very bright and fun cat. As Charlie put it, it takes no time to love these little creatures as they quickly win our hearts. Take Care,
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