On Sunday 24th May mine and my boyfriends lives came crashing down. Our little cat Hector who we got in October 2019 and was only 9 months old was knocked down and killed by a van near our house( who didn’t stop)My boyfriend had just gone out in our car and saw him lying on the road and some kind person had stopped for him. My boyfriend stroked his fur and he sadly passed away. This is our first pet together and we are so heart broken. My boyfriend is having to deal with the fact of finding him & he now feels guilty he couldn’t save him. Our hearts hurt and all we have done is cry since Sunday. Whenever I try think of him in a happy way it hurts my heart so much. I keep thinking he will come wandering in our front door a again and everything will be fine. I just don’t know how to process what happened and I keep asking myself why our cat? We loved him so much and we only got to spend 9 short months with him . My heart hurts so much and I feel so guilty for my boyfriend having to see him lying there and I can’t help him process that . I just cannot come to terms that we won’t ever see him again, that I won’t wake up to him lying on my head or him cuddling up with us on the couch. He was such a perfect cat who loved exploring outside but equally loved lying on his favourite spot on the couch. He was known in our street for being such a friendly little cat and I just cannot process it at all. I keep crying and asking for him back and my boyfriend is so heart broken. We just don’t know how to process this at all. 8A2BEA86-2D2C-4E81-9088-F0BB6EE7805E.jpeg 
Robyn Miller
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I just went through this with my boyfriend in January. We lost our 1 year old puppy Luxor to a horrible disease. He died suddenly and terribly, in a very traumatic way. Our hearts are still broken as Luxor and his sister Lulu (who we rescued together) were going to be our dogs for when we had children and when we get married. 

It’s sometimes worse when they’re that small, you feel cheated out of a lifetime of memories that were to be had with them. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t quite offer any words of comfort except the fact that it’s better that you were able to experience 9 beautiful months of having this baby and all of its love, than not experience it at all.  

I hope you find healing and comfort soon.

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I am so very sorry for your loss.

We list our 16 year old cat, with me for 15 years, and it was made so teaumatic by a cold, callous, and unsympathetic vet.

It is always so hard to lose our babies....we always second guess and what if. 

It is tragic, but please forgive yourselves. It was also an accident. Your BF was there to ease the passing and that is important.

You are not alone.
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This is a terrible, tragic loss.  My condolences to you and your boyfriend.  Hector was a beautiful boy.  Words cannot take away the pain, but please know that it was not your fault.  Accidents happen and you could not control this one.  It is always so hard to lose any pet, but it feels especially tragic to lose a baby.  I do believe that our animals stay with us in spirit and can hear our words.  Try talking to Hector and telling him how much you love him.  Pray for him and for your boyfriend.  It will only get better with time.  Hugs to you.
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