This morning is 3 weeks since my Little (my furbaby kitty) went to the Rainbow Bridge.  I lit his candle and am looking at it as I write this with tears in my eyes.  I'm afraid Wednesdays are always going to be a bad day for me as I lost my other baby, Batman, on a Wednesday morning also.  I would appreciate everyone's prayers for Little today.  Thank you so much for your support!  I love you Little and Batman and will miss you always!  I know you are together at the Rainbow Bridge.
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 Every Wednesday at 11:30 am is the time for me. Today marks 12 weeks since I lost my " precious little beast." My prayers are with you.
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Praying for both you and Little! I completely understand as Tuesdays are a bad day for me (been over 2 months without my baby Cody now)...However, the 12th will forever now be a terrible day as two of my cats have died on the 12th. Claudia- November 12th 2007 and Cody- January 12th 2016.
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I'm saying some prayers for you.
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I named my dog Little, as I couldn't find a name for I kept asking him "what is your name little dog?"

Hugs, J and Little
"People disappoint, dogs never do" - spiritdog

"You MUST be your pets ADVOCATE, if it doesn't feel right walk away." - spiritdog
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