Made the decision on May 31st to put my little Ginger down. Brokenhearted I try to resume my life. I've volunteered at a rescue centre couple times, thinking it would help. I just come home more sad. Will this guilt and pain ever go away. Sounds stupid but I want to know she forgives me. I feel so guilty as I couldn't find a place to rent with my dogs. So I made the choice sooner than I might have and now I can't live with myself. She was old and started to decline but this is the hardest thing I've ever gone through. How does one go on?
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I don’t know how to answer how does one go on?? I had to put my thatcher down May 29. I still cry everyday. I meditate and hope for signs that he will send me. When we had bad thunderstorms last week that was the only time I felt a little better since that frightens him so much. Same with July 4. And he did not have to tremble and isn’t any longer .I guess it just takes time. Be gentle with yourself.

I miss my dog so much I hope we all feel better soon !
Sending hugs and good vibes your way!
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I am so very sorry about the painful decision you had to make for your precious Ginger and the pain you are going through.  I don't think that Ginger needs to forgive you.  She was old and starting to decline and you gave her peace and relief from any suffering.  Once our beloved babies reach that stage the outcomes from then on are usually not good.  

How do any of us go on?  There are no magic answers to that question.  We are all here because we are mourning the losses of our babies.  If you loved Ginger, and of course you did very much, then you will experience the pain of grieving now that she is gone.  We cannot make your pain go away but we are here to grieve with you and understand what you are experiencing.
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