RIP Luigi April 15, 2000 - April 26, 2018 The vet's office called and said I could come by anytime and pick up my little guy.  

When there, I took care of the business end, asked if she was SURE it was him and not mixed up with anyone else, and she said yes, the order was for a partition (I didn't ask, but I guess that's a placement in a specific place on the "table" so Luigi's ashes wouldn't get mixed up).  I had a note I wrote out for the vet and asked the receptionist to please give it to the vet.

Then the receptionist asked if I was ready.

No, I'm not ready. I'll never be ready but I answered "Yes."

She went into the back area and came out and placed his box in my hands and gave me a hug and said words of compassion and sympathy. 

Luigi is home now. The box is cedar, and the bag inside with his ashes seems so very small to me.  I closed the box back up, then held him and kissed him. Looked at the clay paw print they made for me.  

Many tears are flowing. I make sure I'm paying attention to Pearl, who is still with me, because I don't want my grief to limit my interactions with her and I know she misses him being around, too. 

I KNOW I did the right thing, saying goodbye, the final grace and gift that was mine to give.
Luigi is FREE...he is whole, he is restored more arthritis, no more discomfort.  He is whole again, his teeth are restored, his joints are flexible and he can run !FAST! and smoothly, he can hear perfectly and he can see perfectly. He's FREE... and I am saying "Thank you, Lord, for this boy! Thank you!! and thank you for all the years I had him."

The picture I play in my brain is this:  
I see him standing with an alert posture as he "wakes up" in heaven's sweet, soft green grass, and there are blue skies, puffy white clouds, a gentle breeze, and hey, look! there are Bijou and Magpie!

Bijou is running right at him to play "chicken" and to do the Bichon Blitz with him as they race around the meadow. Magpie is watching, as she did when those two played.  Then, he runs  back to his end of the Bridge and looks across, and I hear him say "I'll wait for you, Momma! I'll find you!" and I say "Go play now. I know you're waiting for me. Weegee always finds his momma!"

I am full of snot and tears, and full of love and so very blessed and grateful for my boy, who lived 18 years and 11 days . .  .  what a gift I was given!
Luigi passport photo for air travel copy.jpg
Heaven is the place where all the dogs you've ever loved come to greet you.
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How beautiful!! You are blessed. And your boy is ADORABLE!!!!! I want to hug and squeeze him!!!! Beautifully angel!!! Lost my boy 6 months ago!! He was 15.5
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I'm sorry for how hard it was to pick up the box. Yeah. Very hard.

Eighteen years is amazing, but I know it's never, ever long enough.

Your imagining him in heaven with the others is lovely. I wish you much comfort and peace. 
-Missing Marissa deeply
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Olga and Catie, 

Thank you for your kind words and understanding.  
Today, it's been two weeks almost to the hour when I said goodbye.  
Today, he's been back home with me, in different form.

This morning has been very rough, and I started out the morning with hours of crying.
I miss my little guy so much.  

I've grieved for so many wonderful and so special dogs in my life: Raskie (aka Pooper), Gobby-girl, Magpie, Bijou, and of course Luigi.  
Some rescues that didn't live long enough to form the incredible bond I had with the above dogs were: Caboose, Missy, Weeds, and Ally. 

Pearl is still here with me, and she's a bit lost without Luigi's presence.  

I truly don't know if I have the fortitude to do this again once Pearl is gone (and I hope that won't be for a very very long time).
As you know from another post of mine, my own health-and-aging is an issue.  

Saying goodbye is so very difficult for me, as I know it is for many many others.

What a darling picture of Buddy...
Catie I did a quick look to see if I could find a photo of your dear Marissa...

Heaven is the place where all the dogs you've ever loved come to greet you.
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Your baby is beautiful!!

No more seuzures for my baby, he is free! Restored!
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Beautifully said. My younger dog Katia only left now. All the other cats and dogs gone including my parents and some close friends. First time ever not having a cat. Huge adjustment. No lap baby as Katia too large. I love all the stories and photos here including our caring for each other. Such cuties loved your photos.
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So sorry for your loss
Your description helped me picture my macky moo the same way thank you for that
I hope your memories of your baby bring you a smile and comfort .
Ps 18 years wow that's beautiful he must of had a good life with you to live so long " not long enough though , i know XxX
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