I know I've been gone a few days but not forgotten...I have pics of my little ones for your viewing pleasure.


These are some pictures of Jellybean and Maria.  I hope they'll come through well enough that you can tell who is who. 


1) A rare group photo of Jellybean and Maria in happier days, when we lived in Virginia.  This was taken in 1991.  Jellybean is the one turning her head away from the camera on the left, the larger and fatter Maria is on the right.


2) The only decent shot I have of Maria.  If the resolution is good enough you should be able to see the silver splotches on her ruff...they're not smears or shaking hands.  She was a huge bunny, weighing almost 20 lbs at her peak.


3) I'm trying to get a shot of Jellybean face on before she turns her head on me again.  She was much thinner than Maria (14 lbs at her peak) and more active, with a more volatile temper...but she was still gentle and loving.


4) Jellybean and her head-turning again...but this shot allows you to see the white mark on her chin that earned her her name.



5)  Unlike the others this shot was taken in 1992 in "last photo" of Jellybean.  I took it a day or two before she went to the vet's for testing and observation...I guess I had a dark foreshowing that she would never come home.  I don't know how well the scan shows but if you look carefully you can see a ridge along Jellybean's back....her spine...and her sides look a bit caved in from weight loss.  This is just about the only picture of her I have where she didn't spook on me and try to hide....


Hope you like my "baby pictures"....God do I still miss them.  They were a part of my life for so long and then in the blink of an  eye both were gone....*sniffle*


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How beautiful!  You can't get any more lovable and cuddly than a bunny.  We have raised some in the past but they never lived as long as yours.  Thank you for sharing.....really nice.

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Awwww! What pretty girlies!  I'm so glad you were able to upload these darling pictures for us to see.
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You're welcome...bunnies are easy and difficult to care for at the same time.  I actually didn't do too well myself...nowadays the lifespan for a pet bunny is 8-10 years.  Maria made it to within a month of her fifth birthday and, irony of ironies, Jellybean was put to sleep on her fifth birthday.  Too short a time...but there was so much that was unknown at that time.  If I had known then what I know now about caring for bunnies there's so much I would have done differently.
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