We had a stray cat deliver kittens at my moms house. We were able to give away all of them except one. The little runt of the litter. So we decided to keep her. My youngest son was 7 years old(he's 16 now) at the time and wanted to name the kitten "Junior". Well a few months later we found out Junior was a girl so we called her Lil Bit. She was the ugliest little kitten but we loved her so very much. Lil Bit grew up into a gorgeous fat cat. She loved her family but disliked strangers. She didn't like to go outside which was fine with us. She was always very playful and made me laugh because she had this special meow whenever my son (her fav human) came around. She loved him and he loved her. 
Well today my son and I had to make that horrible decision that pet lovers dread. For the past month, I noticed that she hadn't been eating nearly as much as normal. But it didn't really concern me because she was getting older. She was still her usual self. Last week we went on a 4 day cruise and left my cats in the care of my oldest son. When we returned he said that she barely ate at all. I picked her up and was in shock. She was so light. I brought her to the vet and after blood work, they informed me that her liver was failing. The doctor informed me that they could do treatment but it would still be a matter of time. After bringing my son in we decided that it was best to tell her goodbye. I think she knew what was about to happen. She kept loving on Jacen (my son). She would meow, and lick his hand. I keep thinking about how they looked at each other. Her appointment was at 3:00 and by 4:30, she was gone. This was not how today was supposed to go. I thought they would give her something for her appetite and we would be on our way. 
We miss her terribly already. I have this hole in my life and in my heart. I can't stop crying. I want my Lil Bit back. This hurts so bad. My son is 16 years old and she was his first and only pet. He doesn't want to sleep in his bed without her. What am I going to do?
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So sorry about your loss of Lil bit. It's a painful time for all of you. You need to grieve together as a family. Talk and cry together. After this acute shock is over you will find yourself sharing stories and smiling through those tears. Grief is a long process but if you share it openly it helps you all.
Have your son sleep with a blanket or a toy or something of lil bits. I found comfort in having Williams scent near me.
I believe there is a chat room here for teens. Your son may want to participate.

I'm so sorry. Please know you did the right thing. Treating liver failure would have been a bandaid on a bigger issue and your baby would have suffered. As hard as it is you will see the decision was right.

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Thank you so much. I will look into the teen support group. I have found comfort from just reading the other stories on this website. 
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That is tough, same happened with my dog, I thought he had a stomach ache and they would treat him and he would be fine, but I had to put him down. It's a real shock even though you knew they were getting older that they were really close to dying and you didn't know it. It will be a shock to your system for awhile. You will certainly be upset. I am very sorry for you and your son. she was such a pretty cat.
Hugs to you thru this difficult time.

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Nette - Thank you for responding to the loss of my Winnie.  There is an empty place in my heart, that will never be filled again, and I know you feel the same way.  Please write again, and let us know how your son is doing?  Such a sad and traumatic situation for him.  I'll be thinking about you and your son,  and hoping that you both will slowly begin to heal.
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