Shanti came to our family from a breeder of Bengal cats when he was about 6 weeks old.  He was small because the litter he came from had 12 kittens.  We put a basket house in the bathroom for him so he wouldn't get lost in the other big rooms and when we went in there he would come out , climb on the basket and get up on my lap.  He would start to suck on the cotton lace of my nightgown.  He kept this up for months even as he was getting bigger and not just my nightgown but my clothes. After a while he would just get up and stick his nose on my clothes and knead for a while.  He did this the rest of his life.
Shanti came each evening when I called him and went with me while I took my bath, he would come to the door and I would pick him up, he would hug me and we would have "our time".  I would sing to him.
He was a very friendly cat, until his arthritis hindered him he would jump up on his kitty condo and greet everyone with a head butt.  After he couldn't jump up he would just come out to say "Hi".  Everyone liked him, even my friend who doesn't like cats.
He loved to play and would also fetch, but he had to be in the mood for that.
He developed asthma at about 2 years old and had to have a pill every few days, he never gave me a hard time when I gave it to him.  Later on he had to have a pill a day and then two because he had inflammatory bowel disease.  In February he was diagnosed with diabetes and had two shots a day and a blood glucose check at least once a day, he was an angel with all the poking and pricking.
In September he got sick, he had an ultrasound and they thought he had an inflammation in his pancreas.  He didn't really seem to get very much better and ended up on anti nausea meds and appetite stimulant.  Then we found it was cancer in his pancreas and he crossed the bridge.
Taking care of him for all those years created a bond that was so deep and that is why I miss him so much.  That's Shanti's story.  Shanti a most excellent cat! Deeply loved and missed.

Marlene Wagner
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I never really called him Shanti, I called him Little B, for little baby because he stayed for years like a curious and friendly kitten.
 He loved to play with a super ball, (those little balls that bounce really high), my husband made a handle on them out of masking tape and Shanti would carry them around, drop them and then swipe at them.  Really think he did this until maybe 6 weeks before he died.
He would come out into the kitchen at lunch time hoping to get some meat from our sandwiches, sometimes squeezing himself up onto the table from the chair.  He was not a small cat even though I called him Little B, he weighed about 14 pounds at his biggest, more like 12 after the bowel problem surfaced.  That is why we would laugh when he would get up on the chair and just squeeze his way up.
On Halloween he would get up on the kitty condo and watch all the children as they came in their costumes. Some really took his fancy and he would get down so he could get a closer look, standing up on the door to see and watching them as they left.
Beautiful snow leopard cat with big blue eyes.
Someone suggested I write about Shanti and now I have.  14 1/2 years of love and fun.

Marlene Wagner
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Thanks for sharing the story about Shanti.  Sounds like such a cute and loving baby.  I'm sorry for your loss.  Talking about your baby and sharing stories helps us all.  I love to read about the babies at the bridge, and know who my Dali is playing with.  She so loved all cats and thought she was their mother!  I know the devastation of losing that unconditional love from a forever animal.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and Shanti...Hugs to you

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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